Quotes from newspapers mean fuck all to me. A modern take of the brothers grimm fairytale of the same name, the film stars dee wallace, brent lydic and stephanie greco. I just think it makes sence, since they think they are the leading representatives of the Macedonian Diaspora, they would be up to date with this type of information. Are you able to report your Macedonian passport as lost and then travel with just the UK one? Dont use the SDS crap on me, to deflect the shorfalls of the current sell outs in goverment Im not sure why they are doing this, its not doing anybody any good and if somebody has dual citizenship they should be able to choose which passport they will use, this is mainly when they are exiting Macedonia not when coming in. Jankovska, If you have a prijavena stranska adresa then you’re good to go, Pero Stojanovski said those slucai were isolated or once off. From Government to citizen.

My husband is going on the 28th of May and I am kinda stuck. I am also well aware of the opinions of ordinary people, most do not like any party, its the Macedonian way. So, does anybody know what prompted the government to introduce this requirement? OziMak, Why would she leave Macedonia just to get married in another country? D Yes my old lichna karta has two addresses, one in Macedonia my parents and my UK address where I live. Be it for parliament or a referendum the diaspora are plenty vocal on where they stand and if made to vote would carry big numbers in a favorable way. She has a valid passport. In my view this is a money making programme if true.

Why spend like a rich person if you are not rich? Argh the visa and passport drama in Macedonia drives me batty.

Thanks SF, may you always post better than you perform in the footy pools. Jankovska, I wouldnt pin my hopes up on that group, they hardly exist and all they are confirming is that ekipi are coming with patni izpravi. Login to enter a peer comment or grade.

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Our politicians are stupid and Macedonia will loose alot of money from the people this summer. Everybody has their own destiny and a chapter in their book, going to another country and falling in love is not a bad thing, we have Aussies going to the UK,Canada and USA falling in love and getting married it all depends on the situation. My husband is going on the 28th of May and I am kinda stuck.


Prolet we all fugred out that maknews himself is a fruit cake, why do you think posting his comment here will make a difference. D If your Soprug can go then you should go too. And actually I read all Macedonian news, including most of the self loathing spread by utrinski and a1. I have changed my residence years and years ago. Posted by Bobby at What promises did he keep?

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Or is that too difficult drmaa you to understand? Spolaj Ti for the feedback Mikail Risto, Her passport is expired how is it valid? My husband is going for a week next month and I can’t go because I don’t trust administracija in Macedonia to issue me with documents in 5 days. Why would you go there when its dirty? Will stay Licnnasounds like a real money spinner. Have you all forgotten Yugoslavia.

I am not going now and I have already requested an application to draa my citizenship from the British embassy here, shame they are so fucking thick they don’t actually understand what I need. They should be able to tell you ho long it will take to arrive now. The embassy here are very aghiv, they don’t even know when this law came in power even tho they ‘THINK’ it’s only recently.

You won’t get any disagreement from me. You pick up one paper that is totally to one side and the other totally opposite. The KudoZ network provides a framework for translators and others to assist each other with translations or explanations of terms and short phrases.

So, as a child of a miggrant, apparently I could apply for macedonian citizenship. T know is, there is another dark force striking them soon.

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They must have something to hide. My wife spoke to her mum last night and this is what she to her. Looks like a Macedonian passport gets you out of there any time but this having to have one is new and very strange. Drmaa brother and husband are going on Friday, I guess I am staying behind.


Experienced pfeinstein Local time: What year in advance? How much money will the gov make from everyone having a passport and will they not loose from the people who simply don’t have one and can’t travel to Macedonia to spend their money. Well that makes much more sense than anything else I have seen on this thread so far. My problem at the moment is the confusion, there is no offical statement from MVR. The fact that I can’t visit my family now because of the new law has made me a bit sad.

As for Maknews i simply agreed with his statement, we can all agree on what we like and you continue to be upset with this.

Jankovska, In order to be a prodadena dusa you have to sell out, i havnt sold out to anybody im simply more greatful then you are, im talking about the Government licnna jobs not the private sector.

Gave me few sleepless nights: We work more and more often with victims with mental illnesses that hinder their perception of reality and risks. Even my old lichna karta has my Macedonian and British address.

I will need a new lichna karta, the waiting lists are unbelievable and I will be stuck in Macedonia in danger of loosing my job here.

Anyway that doesn’t matter. Does anyone have a different email for MVR? If you do it via the embassy it will cost more which to dfama with the money, be it. I am not risking going next Saturday just because I paper says I can.

Dual citizen, both Macedonian and British. But they haven’t got a clue: