And what the hell is that smell? Once you are broken, it is very hard, to get yourself together! It was a good episode. I juusssttt lurve it! I rely on your recaps of this show!! Hopefully we get to see them again in a drama or movie, the chemistry is burning hot!!!!! Hell no, for the girl who was in love with him, but the let down being a cheating jerk!

I am a girl. He nevertheless offers to pay, and the two guys toast Ki Joon. If I was the one http: Three years should have been enough. AJ should have dropped JB with a kick to his balls. Can’t you tell, KJ’s shirt is particularly tight, like a male bird pumping out his chest gosh darn it how I was so curious to rip that shirt apart just to check what’s behind screen door 1 and shaking his hips to grab his mate’s attention, like that made SOMEONE nervous and as so some of us.

Jedi and Sith Lord are Star Wars references. He walks up to the Minister and the Chairman, and announces that they are not married. Ah Jung thinks back to Ki Joon saying that the Chairman is very important to his career. So glad there are others out there. Aww…Congratulations to you and your precious koala babies…they do grow up fast! ro

She pulls his hand away and they end up falling back on the table. And I think, by the end of the drama, SH will finally take responsibility for his own actions and feelings and behave like an adult, not like a selfish wpdrama that throws tantrums and runs away, regardless of the consequences.


I can’t wait for the next episode. Three years should have been enough. The housewarming party showed them with a “We-are-really-married vibe” and not the “We-are-pretending vibe”.

Twould be a way to resolve things without having Sang Hee go away again. Are there any hot guys out there? I just watched episode 10 with chinese sub. Yoon Joo arrives at the resort, eplsode missing Ah Jung in the parking garage and in the lobby. Still, I liked these two episodes better edprama the last two weeks, which was just really clunky set-up.

Boy, what a KISS. I can’t wait to see the reaction next week Undoubtedly, she is beautiful, but put her next to YEH and she becomes completely episodde, which is fun when you are rooting for YEH but renders the dramatic tension of the situation void. Anks May 25, at 2: The love story of Hyun Ki-joon and Gong Ah-jung.

Kdrama Lie to Me Episode 6 with Eng Subs?

For him to confess to the Chairman that Ah Jung was not married to him means that the Chairman is going to feel massively deceived and likely end their business arrangement. Also, Congrats to you and your kids.


Manager Park is really a Jedi. Did you try watching this at viki. Creating our own OST, it is a form to show our love for the series. Ah Jung is setting up the table and Ki Joon offers to help. This is simply too deep to be considered a comedy. That night, Ki Joon is back at the house of drinking formerly known as the house of kissingdoing shots to drown his woes.

I saw it the exact same way that Ms Koala did.

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Suddenly an errant soccer t hits Ah Jung in the head. Hong Soo Hyun Supporting Cast. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

We have to make sand castles, and eat a lot of cakes, get totally drunk, at least one timeand fall in love a few times.

They pick a song and start out awkwardly, standing five feet apart, but then her friend pushes them together and they start getting into the song.

The comments from LTM die-hard fans are actually more entertaining and snark-worthy than the episode itself.