Oh my god seriously. So Ki Joon you better shape up or lose dear Ah Jung to some other guy who might even be your brother and it will all be your loss! But what about your feeling now? Did anyone else hear the sucking and smacking during the kiss or was it just my degenerate mind? Thanks for your recap. Cyoon May 31, at 5: LOL, what a way to almost kill a promising drama in every way.

But since Ah Jeong refuses to have anything to do with him again and the fact that the Chinese couple has agreed on the contract and loves Ah Jeong so much then he has to devise a BIG LIE to get Ah Jeong to at least cooperate at first for the sake of the business and work his way from there. I can understand your disappointment, I really do because like you I do not speak Korean so I rely on recaps until a subtitle is released. I love how insightful your recaps are and I love that analysis and thought you put into it. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Next page. I see you now as precious as sang hee, who is my brother. But as Koala says.

The main problem will be again Sang Hee…. He wants His Loved One to be happy and feels sorry.

Jinsight June 1, at 7: Was it just a ploy to make Ki Joon feel sorry for Yoon Ju, or what? A make believe reality that should not be taken seriously.

download lie to me episode 14 indowebster

I wanted to kick KJ where it hurts for hurting AJ. Sabres 3, Maple Leafs 5. I barely forgave Samshik for pulling that stunt on Samsoon and almost screwing himself, Hee Jin, and Samsoon over with the switcheroo.


But of course, it just epieode all that much more when he went running off after Yoon-joo. I totally agree with your comments. Ki Joon says that he will be outside her house in 10 minutes. Of course, then KJ will be jealous, try to pursue AJ but is being avoided but then she realizes she loves him.

Yes, and you always let her.

Kangling May 31, at 1: Indowebbster many mixed emotions and signals. Not cool at all. Thanks once again for your take on this episode, fighting…!!! He checks his phone again.

Deviating from previous episodes where Cal messes with random people, “Dirty. I cried upon hearing it and reading the engl. I just noticed something wrong in your mini recap. Park Si On Joo Won has savant syndrome, a condition that. What can I say? I hope the two of them learn from their mistakes and save their marriage.

Your email address will not be published. Or at least let the writer, PD and everybody give us the best explanation and Story for us. I mean, okay, he is a good actor, but human is still human, and to enact those kisses I believe, or so I like to think of that they were not doing it in one shot only… as someone has probably analyzed here, by looking at their head angles and hands in the spoiler pic and the made into screen kiss There should be some emotions and….


Lie to Me Episode 8 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

We see the manager walk the Chairman and his wife out to their car as the couple leaves. It was a good choice to drop a full recap. I need something to cheer me up after this heartbreaking episode. Ah Jung inrowebster back to last night and her drunken behavior.

She finally shows up right when Ki Joon is about to give up, berating herself as a fool for coming.

Makes me wanna go in TV and join the girls’ fight for that guy. Aunt apologizes to Ah Eppisode, who runs after Ki Joon. But, by all means, continue enjoying the show. I think she started a relationship with him, not only because she likes him, but because the life style he could give her and she want to make Ah Jung life miserable.

I enjoyed reading it. I still love Dramabeans but am glad that I have another favorite resource to go to for all things drama!