Now coming to AJ — I loved her sense of realism.. May be guys nowadays can learn from Kdrama how to woo a girl with proper technic…kakak. How do you know it hasn’t changed if you didn’t continue watching? She reminds him that she asked that he forget what she said, so why did he have to tell Yoon Joo? If your excited about the drama and can’t wait for the subs which takes forever then you should read it. Mizweng, thank u, u r great friend….

They need to interact more. But most of all, thanks Koala for the recap. He might step back again. I can feel better. He asks Ah Jung what play she is putting on now? Well, yes I am!!

Her dad comes in and reminds her that the date is at 7 pm at the World Hotel lounge. Okay, does everyone forgive Ki Joon now? Remember that this Shanghai deal is vital to Ki Joon, his career is on the line as everyone wants to see whether drajacrazy can succeed.

He walks past Ah Jung, who sees him, and heads to the back of the restaurant where he is meeting with two foreigners. AJ going with Sora abroad? He had me at hello!!

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No more, I need to…I need to keep my head on my body. I just find them humorous from writing stand point. Omo…how will they resolve this lol! Yai for holding hands, are they going to kiss again? Ah Jung slowly nods off, and Ki Joon adorably scoots over so that she can rest her head on his shoulder.

Yobo is now on episode 5 and chafing at the m cos I deprived him of dramacrazu hard drive where LTM is downloaded. Didnt know they’re the same person.


So we need that pig to stay for a while, suffer, gloat or do whatever, the farther AJ and KJ are drawn the more intense their emotions become.

But no new girlfriend wants her boyfriend to have an ex lurking around who pops up from time to time to inflict some emotional daggers. Even thought the few first episodes are not that good some says they able to pull up Lie to me to not get people tired of Lie to me. Epi 3 and 4 are indeed a bit of boring, the problem is there are not enough screen time for the OTP.

Lie to Me Episode 10 Recap

I am just soo speechless about it. I would have totally reacted like Ah-jung after finding his video on her phone. Congrats on your babies graduation! They have manage to put on screen the best cola kiss and the phone video…what next? I know it’s something I would do as a reaction to such posts.

He continues to harp on their eramacrazy relationship.

I have my face Loubies too but switch it up! But i dramacrazg want to call her pig, coz pig reminds me of samsooki, the stuffed pig. Ahhh the chemistry between the love triangle actors is just so wonderful I’m going to have a difficult time choosing who to root for:.

Elllen June 7, at She tells him this is goodbye. Almost fell off my bed laughing. Serpent woman, need to get thrown in a pit full of snakes!!! For the preview of ep 10 the long hair girl turn bitchy and mean and will push with the aunt for a wedding.


So I’m glad to see it has a good footing in the international realm. Ki Joon is bubblicious!! Lie to Me fighting!!! Wishing you many more anniversaries to come, Fighting!!! So Ran buys one for Ah Jung, saying that she feels sorry for her.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I cried and bleed with them but now I am loving the way they grow because of their new found love. Why you ask me what you can do with a girl?

[KOREAN DRAMA] Lie To Me Full Episode ( Eng. Sub ) | Korea, Drama and K-Pop Loverz Indonesia

LOL watching dramas and booing, when they become jerks!! I for one is loving the new Ki Joon having the balls to be true to himself and pls no more sacrifice.

In the end, their charade was dramacrzzy for both of them. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. I had been visiting dramabeans because of their Recaps not because of their thread. Man I am just happy that I have some peace of mind now. The unexpected situation provided suspense and fun as to see the panicking characters.

I can’t wait to say bye bye to that long mw girl.