Decide for yourself with our photos from the hottest red carpet of the year! Lists of American crime drama television series episodes. They discuss another Philadelphia cop’s suicide and the subsequent internal affairs investigation. Henry later tells Walt that Vic asked about hiring a mercenary named Hector to scare someone. He is asked by Barlow to work in the family business. This and other evidence frees Henry.

Walt goes to their house and tests the key, which unlocks the door. A safe deposit box gets delivered to the office. Connie pretended to be fearful of Notley’s release and Hank had him killed. Retrieved May 30, A roadside shooting involving two friends near the casino uncovers a loan-shark ring, but Walt learns the victim had served time for shooting the other who became crippled. Walt and Vic return to the Collette’s where their black sedan with tinted windows is parked in the driveway.

Travis intercepts gunmen trying to get into Vic’s trailer. Lonfmire his arrest, Durell had murdered at least eight Native Americans, one of whom is a young boy Walt promised to find, to harvest their organs and sell on the black market.

Henry tells her to go outside for some air, but she soon returns dragging a dead deer and brandishing a knife.

This exposes a network of child traffickingleading Vic and Walt to pose as parents of a troubled child. What bothers Sean the most about it was Ed Gorski sent it with a strange number written on the back. Katee Sackhoff as Victoria “Vic” Moretti. It seems Carcaasses clients have been duped by the “Psychic,” who tapes her sessions and does extensive research and background checks on her clients to glean information about them.

Walt notices a young and scantily clad woman being dropped off out front.

The barn owner was hiding casr the mob. It is revealed that both Sublette and his wife were cheating on each other. When investigating, Walt finds a connection to some truckers and some hookers.

The president of the local Cheyenne nation is found shot to death in his car just off the reservation.

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Lou Diamond Phillips as Walt’s best friend Branch stops by Cady’s house and finds that the house key she usually has hidden outside is missing, and there is still no one home. She tells Walt about reporting Gorski’s partner Bobby for corruption, triggering an investigation that led Bobby to commit suicide. She didn’t know to stay away from him because someone driving a dark sedan with tinted windows gave him a ride to the truck stop. His wife’s ashes are contained within. The search continues for Gabrielle, from both Walt and Walker.


Teenager Tanya Dove is found shot dead in an alley stairwell.

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As Walt completes his ceremony, Cady regains consciousness in the hospital. Walt comes across many suspects in the disappearance of Donna and his injuries. Walt tells him that Brandi’s potential as a suspect makes finding Holly guilty beyond a reasonable doubt impossible.


No, but carcaasses tell him Cady Longmire’s here. Walt eventually solves Donna’s kidnapping. A poem about a treasure has gone viral and treasure hunters have started appearing in the area. When cautiously approaching a suspected meth house where the victim’s borrowed truck is parked, Walt sees the front door standing agape and flashes back to an incident when he kicked a door in, gun drawn.

This episode is based on actual events. Barlow Connally Gerald McRaney learns that Walt had been drunk at the crime scene and asks Branch to use that against him in the election. Cady is shocked to learn her mother was murdered, as Walt cat told her she died of cancer.

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Walt finds a hidden camera in the store, which leads his team to find that the store owner had written down a partial license plate number. A murder occurs with the opening of the casino, causing Walt to apologize to Nighthorse, for believing he was involved in both Walt’s wife longmie Branch’s death, in order to get his help. The series was based on the Longmire mystery novels written by best-selling author Craig Johnsonand follows Walt Longmire Robert Taylorthe sheriff of the fictional Absaroka County, Wyomingas he returns to work following the death of his wife.


The ranger shot the cartel member, who had shot the Cheyenne boy. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Mayor Sawyer Crane tips his hand to Nighthorse that he is trying to take Walt down. Dolan tells them Ethan was employed at Jacob Nighthorse’s casino. As Walt and Vic investigate, Henry is shown to also be searching for the other rape suspect and is shot at by Walt in the dark.

Henry takes up Hector’s vast of avenger.

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Back in his office, Walt informs Dacus that they found his car, and it matches the description of the dark sedan they’re looking for.

The cartel was growing marijuana on reservation land, but Walt discovers that, in this case, a park ranger had been growing the marijuana. Mounting evidence points to a secret deal between the mob and Malachi Strand that Jacob was not aware of.

Retrieved June 27, Walt and Nighthorse have another confrontation. Branch calms her down and takes her to the Sheriff’s office.

Walt tells the team Holly’s news and sends Branch and the Ferg to search carcassfs house. Walt and Vic surmise that the victim was an exotic dancer. In this episode, Walt has a mountain to climb when he follows the tracks of an escaped serial killer who has headed out into the wilds during a severe snowstorm.

The license plate number is tracked to a drilling site in the next county, where Henry has found a hole in the fence the woman had escaped through and where it is discovered the cult’s leader works. Ed asks how the enemy could’ve prevented it and Walt suggests by leaving town. Based on the ‘Walt Longmire’ mystery novels by Cadcasses Johnson.