Friday, October 15, 9: The actors’ dialogue could move between the channels depending on where people were positioned on-screen, giving a greater degree of verisimilitude to the audio mix. National Film Board Shorts. Monday, October 4, 6: Tuesday, September 14, 10am L. The film also stars Canadian T. Voodoo Dolls Review: In fact, many people assert that 70mm films still have superior sound quality compared to today’s films.

It is one of the few films shot in 65mm in the last twenty years and released in 70mm Fricke has just completed a sequel to be released in called Samsara , also shot in 65mm ; and. Friday, September 17, 7: Exit PA Trnpk. CineCycle , behind Spadina Ave. Receptions – 7pm, Curator Talks – 8pm, Screenings – 8: A frame from “A Place to Stand” The shorts, not necessarily in this order, will be: Friday, September 24, 9: Suite , Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave.

Canine Crime Busters about police dogsThere too, Go I about the Red Cross during the Second World WarSitzmarks the Spot about downhill skiingBack in ’22 looking back 10 years at what happening inHockey Star Summers what hockey stars do during the summer to supplement their incomes Tonight – Halloween screening! This sort of position-based, flexible sound mixing is not typically done for the digital-audio mixes used in theatres today.

Another problem is faded prints — before low fade stocks were introduced inKodak used a Eastman release stock through most of the s that, over time, fades to pink!

The Lost Dominion 70mm Film Festival | Ottawa Festivals

Polar Life 20 min. Friday, September 3, 9: Film inspections and check-in. Thursday, September 308pm, free! Saturday-Sunday, October7pm-7am, free! Set in the fictional small town of Burquitlam, B. Plus period music and a magic show between reels, cheap drinks and food. Apr 19, Check back in early for our new screenings series.


Commonly, film was shot on 65mm film stock, and then printed and released on 70mm with the extra 5mm devoted to the magnetic sound track. Hopefully it is the start of a new trend.

Shivers David Cronenberg, Canada,87 minutes. Public Screening – 8pm, free Super 8 films, shown on super 8, by workshop participants. This festival will give audiences a chance to experience the once prominent, but now virtually “lost” wide-screen 70mm format with 6 track sound the Museum has one of the only remaining 70mm projectors in the Ottawa area.

Thursday, October 21, 7: Super 8 Filmmaking Workshop Lighting, film stocks, camera know-how, exposure, animation, festivwl, in-camera editing, hand-processing! Friday, September 24, pm, free!

Free Friday Films Projected on 35mm! Our first episode, which should be up in August, features Ed Folger, a local filmmaker who directed the first Inuit language feature film back in the s called [Invalid Link] tp: Chris Windsor Produced by Laurence Keane.

The Lost Dominion 70mm Film Festival

Light Bleeding Recent 16mm film projection performances by artists in person! Artists Space3rd Floor, 38 Greene St.

Festivql 30, at 2: A Place to Stand was the featured attraction at the Ontario pavilion at Expo 67 and was conceived as a mural-in-motion using a pioneering kaleidoscopic editing technique that influenced countless other feature films, television shows, and music videos. Starship Invasions Ed Domjnion, Canada, Pleasure Dome and Mercer Union present.

From there we started playing grindhouse classics on the last Saturday of every month at either the [Invalid Link] tp: Monthly Open Screening Bring your films or videos, or come as a viewer. A beautiful 35mm reprint from will be screened courtesy of Library and Archives Canada. Just make your film the way you want to and it will find a venue. Canada Is My Piano 7 min.


The Lost Dominion Screening Collective

Free Friday Films Repertory movies, projected on 35mm film! Early Monthly Segments presents its monthly screening of 16mm films.

Big Meat Eater, Bytowne Cinema, 9: First come – first served. Not wanting to leave Luke alone with Mary Jo, Jed ensures that his rival comes seal hunting with him on a ship skippered by Captain Barker Bob Bartletteven though Luke has a reputation as a ‘jinker’ — someone who brings bad luck to his shipmates.

Flm, after years of relative obscurity, Library and Archives Canada embarked on a full digital restoration of the film, painstakingly recreating the director’s cut. Curated by Andrea Picard.

Newer Post Older Post Home. It was the highest-quality sound format available until the emergence of multi-track digital audio in the early ‘s. A frame from “A Place to Stand” The shorts, not necessarily in this order, will be: They are thus particularly friendly to the human voice and symphonic musical scores. No super 8 or 16mm. Friday, September 17, 7: Friday, October 15, 9: The Lost Dominion Screening Collective presents.

What all the large-screen formats shared were superior colour and resolution to standard 35mm film, at roughly double the width and four times the resolution. Back to the Site RSS. The Photographic Historical Society of Canada phsc presents. Friday, August 27, 9: