Ayumilove, how do I increase the damage of my luminous cause it was really weak and could you please tell me the best place to buy equips in Maplesea. The story starts off at the Temple of Time with Luminous making his way towards the Black Mage’s chamber. Bc I used your skill build, and i dont have the sp to max both atk skills and finish magic guard,. Dark energy is all over Luminous. Hi LWZ, visit youtuube. You could also purchase them from other sellers in Freemarket or perhaps crafting Luminous equipment if hunting equipment does not work for you.

Can be resisted by some monsters. It was a dream. Talk to Intaglio again. When the dark energy took over his body, he couldn’t control it and destroyed pretty much anything in his path. Ray of Redemption Boost Final Damage: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

I probably sound so dumb for asking this.

MapleStory Luminous Skill Build Guide

He asks if she’s ready to go with him to face the Black Mage but Aran surprisingly asks if he’s caring about her, and says he should quickly meet with Freud and Mercedes to help them and leave everything to her. Luminous runs towards the Luminoua Mage to stop him from breaking the seal.

So, consumption of all-cure pot will greatly increased due to this. Could be just a rumor but still. He is stroyline by a little girl named Lania, who befriends him and spends time with him for years to come.


But how do you even become a Luminous on the Global Maplestory? Chance of instant KO removed.

List of MapleStory Luminous Quests

Luminous can be considered to be one of the more unique classes in Maplestory. Like or something. Thanks to Spadow for the animation! All of these have to be taken place before issuing a new content update. Dark energy is all over Luminous.

I mean they do look similair. Also, your image for Spell Mastery icon is different from the one I see when playing. Equilibrium mode from Equalize will not be affected by buff duration increase. Lania is found dead with the house in pure destruction and Luminous begins his quest to utilize his new found strength and to figure out what he should do now. Airborne Invitation Level 75 1.

Permanently increase INT by So it is can strictly be maplewtory with two-handed magic attack? Luminous 3rd Job Skill Build: Can someone please tell me or link me shining rod stats above please?

I do not know when Luminous will be release to GMS. Dark Crescendo MAX 5. Reblogged this on Blazingrunaway’s Blog. Basically swapping with light or dark skill.

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Muhahahahahahaha epic troll win. You can collect traces from ANY monster simplifies things alot: Ray of Redemption Boost Final Damage: If you did not get a pop-up side quest, it means you have not meet the necessary requirements to luminoux the Grand Crystal Quest that asks you to obtain the Legendary Augury by defeating Ravana in Golden Temple.


You are greeted with a gauge that measures the amount of light and dark is present. He stays with her, and someday, he burns her house down by releasing his dark powers; you can either abandon her or help her. In Gray Mode, he can spam any of his attacks without any cooldown restriction nor cost any MP only for a shortwhile.

So why would there be a choice? You could also purchase them from other sellers in Freemarket or perhaps crafting Luminous equipment if hunting equipment does not work for you. Dear Ayumi, I am from msea and i got messed up. They might release it all at once like they did with mikhail. What does it meant by increase gauge amount?

Or he died and is on a black mage curse and bam!! At this point, Luminous is level 10 and has completed the first job advancement. Between Blessing of the Fairy and Empress’s Blessing, the higher increase is applied. All times are GMT