Episode One – Paranoid Friendship , Lylian: Lylian is a resident in a mental asylum — we have no idea why, or where this twisted hospital is. Comments Log in with itch. Notify me of new comments via email. The Game — Episode 3: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Related Stories Morphite Review:

The Bad Dated animations. The music from the start was nice, but at some parts of the game i’m not entirely sure if it was fitting to the mood. Status Released Platforms Windows Rating. Why is it free now? You are commenting using your Facebook account. Episode One — Paranoid Friendship Review. One moment that really sticks in our minds is when we noticed that a washing machine was watching our every move as we walked by.

Lylian: Paranoid Friendship

Follow Gamezebo on Twitter. Can you decipher what epixode real, and what is a twisted spin of Lylian’s aspect of reality? Episode 1 — Paranoid Friendship Gamersgate.

I just read this article. Venturing into the corridors you see and hear things that you can’t quite explain. The rest of the game seems to revolve around mindless combat, which considerably hurts the overall experience. That was a neat paranoie, very unique.

For a game that focuses on story, Episode One is frustratingly awkward to follow. Log in with itch. After recovering Bob and attacking a fellow inmate for doughnuts, Lylian mysteriously falls through some vents and witnesses a smoking industrial estate under the hospital.


Technically not so impressive. Also i’d do some improvements to the resolution itself and maby a font that’s more readable maby it’s just me because i’m not a native english speaker.

Install instructions Double click the LylianInstall. This site uses cookies. The deeper Lylian travels through the asylum, the more time passes and the worse her hallucinations become. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Lylian has only a few sprites for frienfship, jumping and attacking, and can come across looking a little cheap. Of course, along with the craziness comes the creepy.

GAME REVIEW – Lylian: Episode One – Paranoid Friendship (PC) | Alternative Magazine Online

The Bad Dated animations. No School Like the Old School. The Good Downright creepy. As Lylian, you have been unsecured of your restraints in the Hacklaster mental hospital by an unknown, yet teasing entity. It’s sometimes difficult to care for a video game protagonist, thanks to a lifeless personality parsnoid some really terrible dialogue.

Fortunately, there is a way to escape — if Lylian kills enough demons, she can enter a happy place, that is essentially the very same area you were walking through, except replaced with sunshine-filled fields of flowers.


Why is it free now? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Episode One is different, however – throughout play we found her character troublesome to bond with, not due to a sketchy script, but rather because she’s completely and utterly insane in the membrane.

With an eerie soundtrack playing the entire time and a dark, rusty atmosphere, Lylian: Also, in the article you indicated this was a paid game. Her only comfort is a teddy bear that comes to life for her benefit.

Lylian: Episode One – Paranoid Friendship Review

With a strict diet of Jam lylizn doughnuts, and the ability to project your intense imagination which literally changes the look and feel of the surroundings and enemies around you. Action Adventure exploration shooter.

You are commenting using your Ohe account. I truly appreciate it. Hey there, I was pleased to complete this game, the music is good and the concept is most interesting, I found myself relating a little bit: