The next day, during each of the dates, Shino decides to stalk everyone, looking for an opportunity to capture Kazuki. Later on, Kazuki broke his promise to the ghost which infuriated her. Each magician has a set limit of spells, and performing Kazuki’s parents are coming for a visit and the girls all attempt to make a good first impression. Retrieved June 9, Another side effect of Kazuki’s restoration is the overflowing of his magical powers every now and then causing minor mishaps and sometimes great chaos. Jason Thompson gave the manga series a half-of-one-star review in his Manga:

Rin, who does not know how to cook, finally manages to prepare a meal for her senior, but before she gets a chance to present her gift to him, she stumbles and drops the food. Akai enters the house, he reveals that Shino is his sister. Kazuki’s magic count drops to six in this episode. The final episode, titled “It Was Over The English language release of Maburaho was met with mediocre reviews. The women compare breasts in the shower and feel each other up, there is nudity.

However, the three girls encounter many traps maaburaho the house. YouTube 10 years ago. The women compare breasts in the shower and feel each other up, there is nudity. Akai enters the house, he reveals that Shino is his sister. YouTube 3 years ago.

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Next day, it’s seen that Kuriko somehow cancelled her journey to New York and stayed with Kazuki. Yamase and Yuna are then restrained again, when Kuriko and Rin arrive. Rin watches some videos on proper behavior in order to prepare for the visit.

During the chaos of the festival, Class B summons a beast that goes out of control, and Kazuki is left to save Yamase from it. Rin then holds off Shino, while Yuna and Yamase go to save Kazuki, who is dragged into the portal, that turns him into a full ghost.


Summer Special Ai Yori Aoshi: Bring Back My Baby”. Yamase is finally convinced and gives Kazuki’s ashes back. Special thanks to Zanzibar He Is We, Fall By: Anime and Manga portal.

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episoee After Kazuki collapses while trying to protect the boy, the three girls attempt to find out the mystery behind the necklaces and the little boy while at the same time trying protect him from Nakamaru’s revenge. Not to be confused with Mahoraba. Do NOT ask me to upload further. His spell count is at two at the end of this episode. Many critics comment that Maburaho was a typical “by the kaburaho harem comedy that added little originality to the genre. If they win Kazuki gets one more magic attempt, but if they lose they must go to baseball camp in hell for all eternity.

As it turns out, there was elisode behemoth being raised by Nakamaru. YouTube 4 years ago. Inan anime series was produced by J. At this point in the story, Shino Akai appears in order to capture Kazuki and add him to her ghost collection. The series is about the story of Kazuki Shikimori, a second year student of the prestigious magic school, Aoi Academy.

His life changes when it is revealed that Kazuki is descended from a line of world-famous magicians and he has the potential to father the most powerful magician in the world. The English language release of Maburaho was met with mediocre reviews. Kazuki gives it one more try using the last of his magic to save her life. Character bios are taken from the perspective of the anime. A strange black circle seems to follow Kazuki, and the girls are drawn to him again during dinner.


Even though he has a feeble spell count, his offspring has the potential of becoming a powerful magician. The day begins when Kazuki encounters a young boy who has just stolen three necklaces from Yukihiko Nakamaru who got them himself under questionable circumstances.

My Favorite Anime Shows: The next day Kazuki returns to a human except, this time there are multiples of him.

The average person is able to use magic fewer than a hundred times, however some people are able to use magic several thousand times. First by making it snow in the middle of summer to cheer up Yuna.

After the girls decide on how to spend their free time with Kazuki, decide on which times Kazuki dates each, and some comments from Yamase, everyone goes to bed.

YouTube 1 year ago. Akai informs them that the news about Nakamaru was a mistake. Not long after, Yuna accidentally releases an incurable retrovirus on herself which also creates a doppelganger of her with the opposite of all her qualities ex.