Please do watch it online from the above links, whenever you get time. If so, we may be fighting a losing battle to reason with the producers of the show. S Krishnamurthy March 6, at 2: I beg them at least to correct the Bashai and dialogue deliveries at least. They missed about chidambaram darshan and dire accident took place there when he went with his father. I am trying to search it online since two months of no use. This serial was a life changer in my life Cancel reply Enter your comment here

Pages Liked by This Page. Absolutely marvelous portrait of His Holiness!! A man comes to meet Achaaryaar regarding a problem in his village. They are readily available on the net youtube. My intent is to pair them to people with accurate information on Periyava and someone who can guide them through the film shooting for perfection on certain fundamentals. I am not a scholar on Maha Periyaval. Says all these videos are private and cannot be accessed.

Within this one year of following various audio and videos of and about Maha Periyaval one thing stands out: The Sun is always Bright. Also let me know if you are able to eoisode any details of Sri.

mzhaangalum All devotees should be very thankful for Vijay TV in taking this initiative…They adhisayangalim a rough start…We will do our part to fix this. Guhan Chandrasekaran June 1, at 7: Though it is better picturised than many other TV Serials, a lot os shortcomings were also observed.

Koothur Sriram March 3, at 9: Mahaperiyava has been brought live by your efforts. Is it true that there is a disclaimer? Notify me of new posts via email.

Mahaangalum adhisayangalum episode 27 : Poster pictures of one direction

aehisayangalum Venky March 18, at What do you think? In the interest of political expediency, the content should not be diluted. There they have adorned Hanuman with Jalebi maalai garland! I am only Amhaangalum devotee that’s all.


Anyways as Shirdi Sai Baba said “Mahan draws his devotees to them and they choose us based on our good in many births. Is the Program time to be rescheduled? Is there any way I can receive the videos from you?

Mahaperiyava’s Mahangalum Adhisiyangalum Vijay TV Episodes!

I was disappointed but realised next morning, when I saw the repeat telecast, that the episode had a lot of important messages like1 the reduction in the desires is the only solution2 the neutralisation of our effects of karma, the only rational explanation of our repeated births3 the importance of thandam for a sanyasa, thus realised that had I seen the episode previous evening, after a laborious day in office, I mahsangalum have missed the importance of adhiasyangalum message, hence made me to see the repeat telecast with fresh mind after my morning prayers.

Vijay TV should have taken this step in the first place.

Mahesh is, how they will handle the current Periavaas scenes. I am trying to search it online since two months of no use.

Slight exaggeration of the facts in the TV media should, nevertheless be tolerated. The continuation of the TV serial, as it was telecast, will be a great diservice to Mahaperiyaval. The outcome of this unholy alliance is that actors, suitable for a role, may not be selected, truth cannot be told as it should be told and script may not be written as it should be written.

The language delivery of Swaminathan as a school boy leaves much to be desired.

Mahaangalum adhisayangalum episode 27

Anonymous February 28, at 1: Any way this is a great attempt to project and help many of us to understand the greatness of Our Maha Periyava through this visual eplsode. They are worshiping with Jalebi maalai and here people are worshiping with Vada maalai!


Balaji Swaminathan August 27, at 9: For instance, When we recite slogas, Enunciation is given so much emphasis, while most of the characters in the TV show cant seem to even enunciate words used in daily verbiage correctly. A man comes to meet Achaaryaar regarding a problem in his village. How many are there to show.

Mutt people not allowing the parents to meet periyava after he took sanyasam. MahaPeriyavaa adhhisayangalum on his own and takes sanyasam, which is misleading. Unknown February 26, at 6: Even now I feel that its a excellent serial, even with all these shortcomings. Characters have been chosen aptly and all of them have done a wonderful job till now.

I also appreciate you for going from US and giving them some advice. Do you know how to view this serial?

Anonymous February 26, at 3: He should have said Chandrasekhrendra Saraswathi. Ramani Raghavan March 15, at 9: I am humbled by the generous kindness in your words Shri Venky, thanks a bunch!

I also watched some of the serials — I have to admit that the quality of the show is definitely below average. Actually I was so much interested when the ad came through this site to my inbox. In fact Bala Periyava himself was willing to go through the final script once made ready and offered to correct wherever necessary and give additional info from the Mutt and access to Mutt records.

Ramani Raghavan March 14, at Shri Ganapathi mama has been associated with Sri matham and Periyava since his very young age.