Thakuraayin creates rifts between Krishna and Pratigya but is caught by Pratigya, which makes Thakuraayin try to kill herself by burning herself to death but is stopped by Krishna but is still burnt and has to be admitted to the hospital. He went and pretended to drop her to her home. Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya. He thinks that as long as one gives women food, he can treat them any way he wants. Krishna leaves the house because Pratigya never told him this. She first hated Krishna then after a bit she loves him.

When Shakti was holding Kesar’s baby, He accidentally drops the baby from a high terrace but krishna caught him. His mentality towards women is the same as his that of his father and brother. We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. When people in her house talk about her marriage,she gets mad. Krishna leaves the house because Pratigya never told him this. Komal and Adarsh talk about Adarsh living abroad which makes Adarsh’s grandmother angry and saying that Adarsh would never think what would be going through the family. Then Kesar was traumatized and she wouldn’t let anyone but herself touch the baby. Four years after Pratigya adopts Samar we see a grown up Samar who calls Pratigya maa.

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Sajjan Singh and Ammaji. Shakti has a girlfriend. Pratigya sent Samar to school along with two bodyguards.

Meanwhile Shakti also wants money to start a business so Sajjan gives him 20, rupees and tells him to double it within a week, Shakti is convinced by Radhe to gamble the money to double it which he does but carries on in greed and loses everything.

At the night Shakti went to Meneka’s house and showed the paper that he made Sajjan sign a paper thumbprint and told Meneka’s parents that the property is in Shakti’s name. Pratigya wants to ke him but they lock her up.

They bring him home when he starts to cry.


Thakurain says Pratigya is not a good influence on Samar and that Shakti should bring a second wife. Adarsh gets arrested and tells his Dad awful things. Shyamji kes Komal to take responsibility of the Saxena house, since Naina is no more. Samar refuses to listen to him. When Pratigya saw that keser’s head was bleeding, Pratigya was finding out who threw the stone at Keser.

She returns to Allahabad after completing her graduation and agrees to get engaged to a boy her family has selected for her. Krishna and Pratigya had a plan to go to Mumbai. Pratigya decides to make ‘kheer’ for Krishna but Thakuraayin says Krishna won’t touch it. Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya. Later in the show Ganga will get married to Gunga After that Ganga found out the servants real name because Ganga doesn’t like to call the servant Gunga.

His mentality towards women is the same as his that of his father and brother. Angand tells her family he has dirty pictures of her from when he kidnapped her and demands money.

Krishna leaves the house because Pratigya never told him this.

Krishna Yadargal Pal Fiction: Sajjan is touched with her decision and gives her the complete responsibility of Samar. Pratigya’s father is completely embarrassed by what Angand, Krishna’s enemy, does pretending to be Krishna.

Krishna sucks the poison out but it affects him so he goes to the emergency room. Then Ganga was trying to leave the house with Saranga by first taking off all her jewellery.

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We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Episoe gradually gets well. Deep down, he is a good person. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. The show premiered on December 7, He is later released. Look at other dictionaries: Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya Hindi: After Pesiya left the house, Sajjan brought a new servant in the house but everybody calls the new servant ‘Gunga’.

Pooja Gor Best Story: Ganga went to protect Gunga. When Sajjan came to know, he tried to kill them by pointing a gun but Pratigya stopped it.


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Shakti angrily comes home and tells this to everybody. Pratigya doesn’t allow Krishna to touch her because she does not really love him. After her schooling, she was sent to Lucknow to complete her graduation only on one condition – that she will return to Allahabad and marry.

Pratigya was teaching Samar good things. They invited krishna and Pratigya to their house they were talking. Arhaan Behl and Pooja Gaur For full listings see below. Komal’s daughter scolds her for scolding dadi. Kesar goes Mad after shakti dropped samar the baby.

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When Shakti asked gunga to bring a cup of tea for him, Gunga accidentally brought water for him. Ganga applied ointment prativya the cuts and grazes of Gunga. Sajjan bought some books and copies for Samar for school. But when they paid the ransom money, Krishna kidnapped Makhnu’s daughter and pointed a gun at her and Krishna said that if Makhnu wants his daughter backMakhnu has to let go of Kde.

Pratigya says to give her one last chance and meet her in behind an old temple but he refuses to come. Sajjan Singh gets Adarsh released by blackmailing the police officer, which makes Adarsh act epiwode arrogant.

Then Makhnu’s daughter got very angry and twisted Amma’s arms. Meanwhile Krishna opened a restaurant and suddenly the police came to the restaurant to see if there is alcohol in the restaurant. He feels that he is romantic and nobody can love the way he does.