She heals Chelna Jain who has nag’s shadow on her since 20 years; by taking out negative energy from her. Other story is about Prakash Desai, a pilot by profession, develops a strange disease of frequent fainting. Other story is about Prakash Tata, who cures Maya with the help of his spiritual qualities; using coconut as a tool. Irrfan Khan explains the subconscious mind. Shetty that he will live a long life but he dies in a car accident the very night. Due to this belief, the villagers pray Chudel Mata and believe that she provides justice to all. Tamanna Chandok a psychic healer practices auto writing.

Mishal Raheja talks about Ashwini Kumar, a time travel expert who can look into a man’s past and future. It was introduced to the West by an Irish educated Cheiro after learning numerology from India. The murderer was the man who gave Amit lift that day. Retrieved 15 July The worshipers follow this practice with full devotion and their wishes also get fulfilled. She suffers memory loss. Mukesh has come from Allahabad to Mumbai in search of his brother Rakesh. Irrfan Khan comes up with the true story based on Prem Shankar Sharma, who cures people with the help of sword.

Amol comes back and sees that the woman’s house is locked.

With the help of crystals pyramids Poonam cured Indra. Siddharth himself gets operated by that doctor. In the second part Irrfan Khan talks about a human’s footprints larger than elephant’s footprints.

Irrfan Khan hosts the show which is based on real incidents. Siddharth Kak topic Siddharth Bhanyarh is an Indian documentary maker, television producer, and presenter, best known as the producer and presenter of Surabhi — Rashida a residence of Patna cries tears of blood when she is in pain. Women television producers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 20th-century Indian businesspeople Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 21st-century Indian businesswomen Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.


In the other part, he introduces us to Sherin who is madly in love but later becomes abnormal, and he tells us the features of tarot cards and its solutions. Sanjay was successfully operated on the tumour.

Mano Ya Na Mano (2006 TV series)

She graduated in science from Jai Hind College, Mumbai. Irrfan Khan shares information about saints. Irrfan Khan talks about the mystery relating to Abhaykumar Deora.

Manini De shares her experience. In South India there is a place where a lantern is continuously burning without spisode since past twenty seven years as well as a pond which responds to your claps. Later the narrator discusses a four- hundred and fifty-year-old, St.

Her younger brother, Karan Trivedi, is also a theatre actor and voice-over artist. Zamaan Ali shares his experience about “Yeti”. Dileep Kumar known professionally as A. Irrfan Khan asks questions about bhangarg man and he introduces us to Chandre with a tail. Irrfan Khan tells the both sides of numerology.

People believe that the dancer’s soul haunts the palace. Alok and Payal bring the girl home to avoid police involvement.

Pyare babu cures patients from kidney stones. Being an actor, Ravi is concerned about his face. Indira, who was manoo by her husband, meets Dr.

Mano Ya Na Mano Season 1 Episode 3

yz As a child artist, she The songs feature the original music artist, and can be adapted from a single track master as with previous bhaangarh. A suspicious man returns this gold piece to Chaudhary, but he doesn’t reveal this to people. Neha’s father recovered in fifteen days through her prayers while the doctor had said six months for his recovery. Irrfan Khan narrates about past life regression therapy. Irrfan narrates about crystal ball. Finally, he himself becomes a victim.

Views Read Edit View history. Rajeev talks about affects which come under hypnotism. Manoj’s Uncle along with other villages opposes Manoj and his family, and the spirit inside Suman speaks up and leaves Suman’s body. Irrfan Khan informs the bhanbarh about Dr. Amol takes out his frustration by throwing stones at dwellers’ houses.


Sanjay is reborn as Kanhaiya and reminisces about his murder in his previous birth. Irrfan Khan hosts the show and narrates about an incident occurred in a village of Madhya Pradesh. Irrfan Khan an about a soldier who died mysteriously, with evidence to some situations Indian army believes that he is alive and is given some amenities. Amol gets to know that the woman who offered to help him, died many years ago.

Mano Ya Na Mano – Episode 15 _

Tanya is found dead in her room. Member feedback about List of film score composers: The first incident is about Inspector Vijay Patil, who is in-charge of a police station in Pune rural district.

Balachander Tamil Super Police K. He marries her and takes her to his mother, with a doubt in mind his mother follows her and identifies that she is a spirit, known as ‘Karna Peshachani’. Prakash helps her in curing the mark permanently. Tanya checks into room number six that is converted into number nine.

Yash used astral travel to inform his family about his accident. Irrfan Khan tells about a never ending episodf. Jaahnavi’s case, where C. Her younger brother Tusshar Kapoor is also a Bollywood actor. A resident of Nazarwadi asks Amol to leave otherwise he might get killed.