If one of them steps down from the platform, all selfies taken for the day will not be counted. Later that day, Aina was tasked to choreograph a new dance routine using the modified “Pinoy Ako” theme song. Retrieved August 5, They were able to do a Skype video call with their mother, who was pretending to be in Japan. Twin or Lose Being divided into two separate groups, one group must construct half of the house that is similar to the other group. Housemates have to put pants on without using their hands, akin to the viral YouTube video of a man doing the same thing. On Day , the housemates’ short film premiered in television. Loisa weighed pounds, a loss of 5.

After the challenge, Big Brother gathered the housemates in the living room, where a big stone was placed. They will also be the only ones to do the household chores. After four rounds of nomination tries, Daniel was fakely evicted. Housemates have to arrange glasses of water to form the tune of the chorus of the theme song Pinoy Ako. Fifth returned to the house to help in the next Insta Save challenge. But first, in a special task, she must attached strings to a big guitar in the activity area. At the end of the week, the housemates must present their finished data in order to complete the weekly task.

Hero Angeles is happy that his gay acting is effective 24 Februarymari They thought of not noticing Alex the next day. For the final night, overnight voting and Power of One were both implemented. On Day 45Loisa was cleared of her sickness and joined the second All Out challenge. Jane, Jayme, and Joshua were the second group to do the challenge; they failed to beat the time of the first group.


To win the weekly task, the three of them had to hit 15 targets. However, in a twist called Insta SaveBig Brother gave them a chance to remove themselves from the list of nominees.

Manolo Pedrosa and Maris Racal to Star in the Movie ‘Stars Versus Me’

Zyra’s Friend Barbie Imperial On Day 52Big Brother gave the housemates their weekly task. Housemates have to arrange glasses of water to form the tune of the chorus of the theme song Pinoy Ako. However Chevin garnered the highest votes in the nomination of the housemates.

And that is to work hard and do the best in everything. The remaining thirteen housemates were introduced in the pilot show, including the unexpected eighteenth housemate, Alex.

Manolo Pedrosa and Maris Racal Soon on the Big Screen! – Inside Showbiz

The group with the tallest line wins immunity. In the event that the time limit has been consumed, the housemate with more right ane of glasses placed in their right positions will win the challenge. Labor Day task Jayme, Fourth, and Ranty had to respectively pick one housemate and teach them some information and skills of their profession.

Maris won the last round and chose to save Loisa.

‘Stars Versus Me’ Review: Awful but strangely appealing

Retrieved Marjs 3, On the night of Day 69, it was announced that the housemates would face challenges. One group cannot communicate with the other; except with the group leaders, the Pagotan twins.

She is by far the second longest tenured houseguest, behind Mariel Rodriguez whose tenure inside the house lasted for 73 days. Lauren Dyogi, the Director and Business Unit Head of the show, confirmed the show was renewed for a fifth season and audition schedules were soon to be announced. Housemates Controversy and criticism. Tan peppers the film with a lot of non-essential gimmicks.


Edit Storyline Zyra is a teenager who has a lot of bad experiences in love. They were informed that, between the three of them, the evicted housemate will have the power to save and automatically nominate a housemate.

Confrontations arose as the housemates had little time to finish the task.

Salterio May 2, The editing is haphazard. Archived from the original on April 29, Malalim po yung friendship naming dalawa ngayon. Retrieved June 4, At the weigh-in, Nichole weighed Park left the house the same day. The Big Winner will receive one million pesos, an Asian tour for two, a brand new 30 square-meter condominium unit at the Amaia Steps Novaliches in Brgy.

The last housemate should be able to say the correct message; they were znd. On Day 50Jane and Joshua were confronted by the adult housemates with the special relationship they had. On the other hand, Fifth was affected with the public’s comments regarding his sexuality. For ahd days, the housemates ignored Alex; with this they were able to get the send-off party for her at the picnic area the next day.

On November 6,Toni Gonzaga was officially confirmed to return as the main host of the show. Manolo and Daniel were exempted from the nominations since they were already given fake evictions.