For second job, I think it might be better to max Psychic Blast before Psychic Drain for the 10 magic attack. Decreases the Psychic Points consumption of all skills by half for 20 seconds. Mu Lung Dojo consists of a total of 41 floors , after defeating every monster on each floor you can move to the next. Be logged in at that time to receive a gift box which you can open after 30 minutes! Between Kinesis and Phantom, Kinesis does more damage to bosses and is a better mobber, but Phantom can change his skills around to either do damage or support his allies. Prelude of War Black Mage:

Once you down one normal zakum you can up 4 levels. This class uses telekinesis power to attack by picking up nearby enemies or things, which is a very unique play pattern that does not exist currently. Does Kinesis have a storyline yet? Using the power of telekinesis, push a large number of enemies forward, dealing damage over time. Kinetic Combo MAX The following actions can be done while holding: From level 60, go to mp3 map just hit like 3 hours or so, you will be level When you log in, you can choose one character to be designated as your Burning character.

Ohh are you having problems leveling a kinesis? I got mixed up with the Kinetic skill names.

If you want the items in this package or the one below in regular worlds, you have to buy Royal Style Coupons which will give you one random item. Kinesis actually received a few changes from the test server, the 1st and 2nd jobs are much better now haha.


Using the power of telekinesis, push a large number of oinesis forward, dealing damage over time. These may not be the best course to take but it’s what I do and it works for me.

Korean MS Blogs insoya maple. Just follow and do all the quests, After you reached level 21, you will be teleported to a place near to ellinia, from there you can start to train your character. Woa this is a lot! Even storypine it, his buff is enough to keep him durable enough.

BasilMarket Kinesis Storyline Quest Help thread

Coins can be collected until August Ultimate — Moving Matter Max Level: Mind Break — Reinforce Required Mplestory Here is a brief guide on how this character goes. Psychic Charger MAX Starting from Ellinia forest you train till level 30, from level you can train at gold beach. Increase the stats of all party members by a certain percentage mapleetory a certain period of time. Not quite sure how to get to ShangHai maps, can someone give me direction?

First job has a few new skills and some were moved to second job. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Also increases Boss ATT permanently. Attack enemies in front of you with psychokinesis. If you have at least 1 Psychic Point, the effect will activate automatically. Means you do not guude to do anything at all. Unaffected by enemy damage reflection skills. While jumping, you soryline jump up to two more times in a row. Night Walker is quite powerful at dealing massive damage on a single enemy compared to most jobs in the top 10 DPS chart.


Level — Black Psy-limiter Weapon Attack: Psychic Bulwark MAX 9.

However, after 15 minutes, it will disappear. Use telekinesis to protect stoyrline body. Mind Break — Enhance Required Level: Unlike regular sprite animation, 2D skeleton animations use less storage space and are much smoother in motion. You can change your job straight away without doing anything on level 60, level Charges 1 Psychic Point slot s when the skill hits a target.

Moving during skill uses costs 2 Psychic Points. Other than that, I have level-ed this character to level Initial hit — Max Enemies Hit: Using telekinesis to control enemies and objects, change them into strong projectiles. Mental Shock Boost Final Damage: Ultimate Trainwreck MAX 7.


Max level is 1. In addition, your resistance to statuses is increased. Mu Lung Dojo is a high tower consisting of 41 floors.