Suddenly his phone rings. Paidia to Prson Break ta spaei alla afto pou me xalase einai pou psofisan tin Sara. Oso gia to linkoln eida mia sinedeuksi pou edose apo ena videaki sto you tube kai eipe oti tha iparxei 4os kiklos…eseis omos lete oti tha pethanei i oti dn tha paiksei ti ginetai telika kserei kaneis??? Na koitate to SpoilerTv, ta vazei panta prwto! Yes but you have an official girlfriend… and you are going to marry her. Maria wakes up and she goes to her drawer. Keti tells him that he should not work too much and he must start socializing a bit.

As to diavasoun oloi na teleinoume epitelous! She is not completely wrong. Then he asks her to go out that evening and Algeliki says yes. He starts calling various women but all of them talk badly to him and hang up. The Struggle for Democracy. Alla elege akoma kai oti oi dromoi toy Lincolm kai toy Michael tha xwrisoyn….

Diavasa kapoy oti ton Maio ksekinane girismata kai oti kainoyria epeisodia mallon apo Septemvrio!!!

He promised me that he will not se her again! She tells him that she needs his advice and she finds him attractive but she knows he is involved with Maria. It happens Dimitris… you will survive! Re paidia mi lete oti sas katevei apla gia na peite kati. He leaves saying that is the wedding dress looks like a rug on her he will say someone else designed it.

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Maria, the Ugly one (ep. ( of 2nd season)) |

Huston we have a problem! Alla dystixws tha argisei gamwto….

To trailer exei vgei edw kai meres. Ti na pw… Ypomoni mexri tin 4i season!!

Maria, the Ugly one (ep. 224 (122 of 2nd season))

Is that you Eleonora? You have crossed the line! She is his assistant, his right hand in the company and he is carrying her everywhere like a key chain! Open your phone book and then you will forget all about Irini. Iraklis tells her that episoed must go and wake Maria up. Perhaps she is rude. She said that she will get money from Terramoda. Yparxoyn kai alla polla!!

What can I do for you? At the asxii shop. Did you see that? Sofia is talking to Christina. Iraklis wonders if this is his family and comes to the conclusion that he is adopted. She will handle it on her own! Lilian starts telling her what a good time she had with Nicolas.

At least I managed to control myself… N. Safestata paizoun rolo kai oi ithopoioi alla kai to senario! Maria is writing in her diary: You eposode be happy! That I went out for a secret date with Maria? Sotiris mother comes in and Keti seems to know her. Oso gia ti Veronica, mporei na summetexei se kapoio flashback apo ti zwi tous prin tin fulaki kai assximi se mariw apo ton 1o kuklo. Etsi k alliws kathe perysi k kalytera… Keep watching.


Odysseas’ cell phone rings and he starts talking to the former girlfriend they met earlier. Sergios tells her that she seems too involved in the situation. She called Nicolas… I checked it! Odysseas sees Marcella lying on the couch. She offers him a slice of sweet bread and he accepts.

Paides exw pliroforia pws o scofield pethainei ston 4o kiklo! Anyway… after this you must have scored a lot of points with her. Are you absolutly sure about that? What would you like me to get you? New York Addison-Wesley Longman.

She asks him if this is the photo of his girlfriend. Iraklis wants to smell her but she says she has eaten garlic. Sergios asks her why she is upset and then if she is jealous. The naria is closed! Maria is in the ladies room crying. Is Cultural Imperialism Fading Out? Paidia mpeite sto http: