Someone sees a kid alone at a nearby park, so Jae-min calls Ma-ri to tell her, and she rushes to find him. He also sends his ring, which Riiko noticed he has not been wearing immediately prior to his death, in the letter, he tells Riiko that she doesnt have to cry for him any more but to always smile. I kind of feel like this is the flufferized, YA version of True Blood Season 1 though it goes without saying it has nothing on it–it’s easy to forget, but True Blood was a great show at one point. Pony Canyon Region 2 box set for the Ballad of a Shinigami anime series. So he does whatever he can to provoke JM, and make JM look bad. Together, all of this makes her the single most outstanding agent in the Zero Zero Organization, in the episode that takes place at the haunted castle, she tells Loki that her code name is Muse. I needed a bit more back and forth with our leads.

Adnana Yes, I too had placed the timeline to be more than just a couple of days and the speed of the romance seemed right to me. EXO Next Door -. At first I am curious because of the comments about Yeo Jin Goo’s talent. I really liked the pacing of the first two episodes and then maybe the first third of this one but then to me it felt like everything was super sped up. I don’t usually watch series about vampire but this MR coming to terms w her feelings so fast and our OTP sharing a kiss on top of the lighthouse only means that all hell will break loose very soon. As much as I love the show, I have to agree with some of the commenters that the pacing is a bit fast.

Orange Marmalade

I was also drawn to Shihoo since he is able to put aside his own feelings when it comes to Mari. However, her strong crush also inadvertently gave him a fourth personality named Hikaru, on a few occasions, the vostffr of her Honey System goes out of control and begins to destroy everything that she touches. Or at least to realize that not everyone is like him. LJH is very lucky to be cast as him, and he’d shown much improvement in the acting department, I love him as Shi hoo.


I marmaladw the part where they got together early in the series and not later since Jae min has a whole lot of dealings to do once he uncovered Mi-ra’s secret. He eats the cookies alone while Ma-ri peeks back into the room and smiles, vowing marmaldae this once to do what she wants. The story is set in the sixteenth century, when Japan was in the midst of a long period of civil wars.

Drama Vostfr

Maybe like many have pointed out, it’s the pacing. Montages are great at getting a lot if information across quickly, which is why they work so well in 90min movies.

I like the speed too and I was wondering to myself why the skipping vostfg how things happened here does not bother me, whereas it bothered me that there were plot holes in TGWSS. The angst and the problems and self awareness etc in this drama seem monumental and precious because the characters are teenagers.

She is also known to cry a lot, and she says that she cries for the dead because they no longer can, accompanying Momo is a talking black cat familiar named Daniel with a bell around his neck and bat-like wings who helps Momo out.

Orange Marmalade 오렌지 마말레이드 – Orange Marmalade Ep.2 (ENG) on Vimeo

Looking foward to the Joseon part. Yeo Jin Goo has been allow quite a bit of room to move in the romance department kissing, neck, nuzzling, fantasizing with is older co-stars despite his age and legal status of Little brother Joseph silently takes his hand and leads him outside — happy for a distraction, Shi-hoo indulges him. Anyway, I hope Mari can find her own group of friends besides Jaemin and Shihoo.

I kind of feel like this is the flufferized, YA version of True Blood Season 1 though it goes without saying it has nothing on it–it’s easy to forget, but True Blood was a great show at one point. It’s all going to be challenged by all kinds of events in the future any way, but at least she took the initiative, which I find wonderful.


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Rookies – Rookies Graduation. Awww, what a sweet confession, on both of their parts. His feelings are still hurt by the way Ma-ri looked at him after he helped find her brother, but today she thanks him sincerely. I am so in love with Shihoo: I think what’s coming later is way more important and need better explanations and more airtime.

I mean, they didn’t just compose a song and prepare it for public performance in a couple of days; it must have taken voshfr least a couple of weeks. UmbrellaMan May 25, at 7: The couple being together is usually the reward at the end- they kiss, the end. Mari is supposed to be Jae min’s first love or so, right? I’d never thought that I would say this but Orange Marmalade has just changed my prejudiced views about vampire dramas. Karin May 25, at 5: It also made the truth-telling especially difficult but more sincere and interestingly brings up a hidden love triangle It’s true vosstfr we need to bear in mind that she has been making herself to be as un-noticeable as possible, however it seems a struggle for her, which means she’s probably frama person who’d prefer to be open and sociable but does not dare to be I note that she was very votfr with the suspiciously nice Ah Ra.

Unfortunately, that happens way too often in dramaland for a recent example, I’m looking at you, Hi! Our main couple never fails to make me want to curl up and daydream.

They all practice a song that Ma-ri writes, and Jae-min only withdraws a little whenever Teacher Han checks in vvostfr them. Kiara May 26, at 7: I have no problem with the pacing.