MuGyual jealsous drove me crazy. She says they broke up thirteen times? HGD makes a surprise trip to the palace because he has heard of CCH, the gifted physician who can work miracles. This site uses cookies. But it was loveless. I think Mu-gul should stay true to himself and take the time to do what right for him because then it would be right for Mary.

What’s more, she and JGS have that kind of chemistry on screen, that’s why all their scenes together made a good and positive impression. You might want to work on your sales pitch, dude. Things are getting really fast in this drama which I really like. Good luck MGY i never saw you before, but i love you in mary. How can two characters be so incredibly cute, and the rest of the drama so boring? Skip to secondary content. Indignant, she insists on seeing him right this minute to straighten this all out. When I first started watching the episode I was sobbing like crazy, but then ten minutes in or lovely GeunGeuns got back together!

Thanks a lot for the preview, Koala. So happy that he changed most of it! And snorted tea through my nose at the same time. So when Suk proposed the change, he was totally behind him. She rushes out that night with a lame excuse, letting him believe that her blush is the result of an oncoming cold.

Hey LizzyD, good to hear epidode you. MG wanted to please his fans, plus he probably got a good laugh out of it. The rest is optional. Appreciated your effort to provide us preview no matter how hard to find the signal, enjoy your vacation captain and happy new year to you and to all member of this forum!! As Mu-gyul sings his bus song, he notices Mary and Jung-in talking cozily together and his eyebrows furrow in displeasure.

I’ve watched this series repeatedly, first on TV, then I downloaded it from You Tube, and repeatedly watched all the BTS online, including reactions to them. It will be very interesting. I think Mu-gul should stay true to himself and take the time to do what right for him because then it would be right for Mary. I love Eun-Jo character. You wouldn’t even have to mess with the timing just cut and paste every scene with just the two of them and you’d have your alternative drama.


She’s not new in the industry. CCH tries ways and means to treat YN but to no avail. Hahahah…… I might start watching M3 from episode 6, instead of watching fm epi one……. Jung-in has the doctor check niyht his father, who dramavrazy him to just fold now instead of dragging out a losing battle. Yeah…with loyalty, it might be possible.

Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 3 Written Preview

Episode 16th helped a little bit, but just a bit. Despite being unfamiliar with the legal lingo, she has a bad feeling and worries for Mu-gyul. Must say, I never knew Jang Geun-seok before this drama, so when I first started watching, he was unattractive looking to me.

Hell if the producer plucked a fangirl from some MSOAN website she would have been able to write a better, more cohesive plot to utilize the amazing cast she was blessed with. The weird thing is eramacrazy he’s not the usual type that I’d be making eye-hearts at, but he’s somehow charmed his way into my heart!

Unfortunately I can’t find rramacrazy between JI and Mary. When I learned about that stupid war postponing the drama I felt like my world was smashed to the ground but with the written preview you saved my day.

Go abroad – for two years 2.

Mary Stayed Out All Night: Episode 9 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Thank you for your kind soul to translate the preview for episode 3. Even if you completely sstayed everything I wrote above, that one point should remove any desire for a non Holiday ending. Jung-in merely gives a half-smile and leaves. I think Korean actress Jung So Min is cute and funny too.


In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that Ep. I don’t know how much more of this craziness I can take. When Mugyul and Jungin were having their face-off, I couldn’t stop laughing! It must be really hard for him to continue this totally crap drama.

Staysd is called Tree-J can try pm Shiro on soompishe might know the exact address not sure abt the rest though. Your “in bed” suffixes kill me. What I also find impressive is the nighh he wields.

Mary Stayed Out All Night: Episode 6 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Not to mention that Chang Hwe was wearing that dorky hat through the whole final episodes. Like, she seems to have big eyes, like popping big eyes in drajacrazy bad way. 44 is going to be happy in that relationship? Episode 6 by Helcat. Im gonna watch KBS Award tomorrow. This episode is good in terms of dramatics. That couple would be nice to look at lol. I will try to find it though. She agrees to have dinner ready for him when he gets home. And if you noticed,all the stars who are some age with him lee min ho,lee seung gi,kim hyun joong,etc have at least two successful dramas.

This drama is a quadrangle. Totally love JKS even more than before. Episodes by LollyPip. Episodes by LollyPip. I feel that much more scenes happened between Jung-in and Mugyul than with the Mary.

She obliges with surprising force, crying as she whacks him, feeling like her first kiss was stolen from her. But thank goodness we still got a happy ending.