You have to be logged in to post a comment. However, there is a pleasant interaction of instruments here, especially the lead guitar and piano. This Message Edited On Knott- Emeritus November 30th Comments. Should check out the rest. Although the songs on ‘I Was Here For A Moment’ tend to average out at around four minutes in length, that does not stop Maybeshewill from getting the sense of ‘epic’ across. All through the album, brilliant soundscapes grace your ears along with some emotional playing from the band and man are they intense when they play. It builds texturally throwing drum machines, synths and drums into the mix before eventually changing tone slightly.

Post-rock is a genre that many, this reviewer included, closely associate with great displays of emotion. Should check out the rest. Though the song would work just as well without them they make it feel more complete and generally more enjoyable. Studio Album, 2. Another nice moment is the title track, featuring a sample of the infamous Howard Beale rant from the satirical movie Network, employed effectively within the track — treated as an instrument itself, the sound of Beale’s speech rises to the boiling point just as the mix rises to its inevitable crescendo. Maybeshewill makes an encourage remark with this album though.

This is perhaps unfair though, for Leicester – with the likes of Maybeshewill, Her Name Is Calla, Kyte and Minnaars – has tapped a tp.2 of rather excellent bands in the last few years. My final grade will be three stars. However, the record’s shining moment arrives with the track “He Films the Clouds, Pt. Willie Moderator June 20th Comments. We remind you that your account is strictly personal and cannot be used on several devices at the same time. Leclerc card Add to basket.

It relents halfway through, offering the opposite- gorgeous strings and piano. Leicester lads Maybeshewill have obviously noticed ,aybeshewill.

Fabrizio Paterlini ~ My piano, the clouds

Remix of “The Paris Hilton Sex Tape” is combination of electronic effects and guitar- based sound, sounds fresh enough to be listened. La Batteria Tossico amore M17 Remixes.


Split [Vinyl] Single After the release of the album, has not too big sense, however. The Gaslight Anthem Handwritten. If you’re looking for meaning, you won’t find any here. The music’s greatest strength is its arrangement of sound; you will likely not find a moment here that feels undercooked and lacking depth in sound.

For all the anger shown, it is perhaps the more orchestral piank tender moments which make the band special. The album was entitled “Not for Want of Trying” and would go on to be released in May About Album description Following on from their debut EP, released on their own Robot Needs Home label, Leicester-based instrumental post-rock quartet Maybeshewill give us their debut maybeshewikl, Not for Want of Trying. I love maybeshewill, piqno punch, their intensity that puts themselves on the edge between post rock and post metal, and that can be heard here with “This Time Last Year” whose start is very bombastic with great guitars bass and drums, magbeshewill its charm lies in how one can hear a contrast in the same track, because later the song calms down and piano delight us with a beautiful moment.

Twin guitars, bass and drums are mayeshewill producing enough energy and sound, adding some heavy metal influenced sounds to their mid tempo simple, nostalgic, in some moments even aerial melodies. Seems to be a lot of post rock coming out this year but have fell greatly behind. Being that the band manages to get this across merely with their instruments, this is quite impressive, and the band’s third album may be their best yet.

There is no getting away for it, Maybeshewill are angry, but what with being an instrumental act, it is left to the music to put this across punctured sparingly by electronics and sampled dialogue.

It’s a song that seems perfect for maybeshwwill family time-lapse video. MrCalum November 30th Comments. Prophet November 30th Comments. As the texture thins unexpectedly a choir-like gang vocal refrain enters. The song has a much thinner texture than others and so, in this respect, offers variation. The track then seemingly transforms into one lone voice singing a repetitive refrain, before erupting into a full-fledged choir amongst glitchy and swimming atmospherics. I do not necessarily clods myself a fan of post-rock anymore, having frankly found alot of it to sound too much alike Te, Godspeed, Explosions In The Sky, and a couple of the other big acts.


The female vocal is amazing, and I wish the band would have put her out front for this one.

Maybeshewill-He Films The Clouds Part 2 ( with Lyrics) Chords – Chordify

That sample from the film Network was also used on the foreword to the album Era of Diversion by Evol Intent. Think of bands from Leicester and your first though plano likely turn to the Soccer AM soundtracking of Kasabian.

It is a nice split that Maybeshdwill would recommend you to listen and enjoy. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Sing The Word Hope is better, but not by too much. Report a problem Something wrong with this article? A quote that seems to inform the whole band and their dissatisfaction with the state of the world. He Films the Clouds, Pt.

For the next the album the band enlisted James Collins drums as well as collaborating with guest musicians. Results cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 10 fikms.

Studio Album, 2. Thank you, your feedback has been noted.

This Message Edited On The albums accessibility is both a positive thing and a negative. It’s like eating maybesheewill – it is tasty but on the back of your find you realize how harmful they are to your health. Also note the great production that fjlms album has, an important part of post-rock. However, ultimately it is far less rewarding as too often textures stay constant throughout and, though motifs change a lot, there is not enough noticeable variability.