One important feature of filmmaking is that many filmmakers also get sponsorships to produce their movies. That is why the genre of most films is either comedy or romantic comedies, which are genres the audience enjoys more. Government and institutions need to support the production of Cinematic Arts, which will help in applying the principles of the discipline. The last decade showed the resurgence of Ethiopian cinema. His movie Teza, has won several acclamations including: Young Ethiopians who have acquired the skills through the process locally and those educated in the West have produced films and the reward for most of them has been encouraging.

Some countries joined the movie industry very recently and have registered a remarkable achievement, Nigeria being a good case in point. Nevertheless, Tewodros considers himself a groundbreaker for opening Ethiopia up to digital filmmaking. Compared to rural standards, the urban population, which was estimated at over 20 million last year, might Read more. Yonas Birhane Mewa is one example of these success stories. These days most of the movies produced and marketed locally are either comedy, or romantic comedies. We neither eat nor drink it, why would we pay for something we see with our own eyes? For example, many filmmakers use costumes received through sponsorships from tailors and fashion designers rather than hiring a costume designer and paying for expenses.

Click here to watch Ethiopian Movies Share this article: According to data from the Addis Ababa City Administration Culture and Tourism Bureau, about films have been produced and granted permission to be screened in the past five years alone.

Thanks for the feedback! On the other hand, payment to mekaniiu and actresses as well as other crew members and professionals has grown astoundingly. Wapking and DJmaza official mp4, 3gp, avi A blog on free Ethiopian dramas and films. Some countries joined the movie industry very recently and have registered a remarkable achievement, Nigeria being a good case in point.

Recently, the argument over the ownership of relics taken Read more. The top two stories of the building will have a sound stage where much of the resources needed to shoot movies will be available. Now, almost a century later, mekanku wait in long queues at the gates of Cinemas to watch Ethiopian films, willing to pay their hard earned money, knowing that they are the works of their fellow countrymen. For a long time, rural poverty has been a big concern in Ethiopia.


Most Popular 1 2 Prev Next. There are also 12 privately owned cinemas with accommodation capacities of more than seats.

Some of the inputs are also acquired through sponsorship and cooperation. His movie Teza, has won several acclamations including: There are now 15 cinemas in Addis Ababa where movies are premiered in big screens.

The agricultural sector remains our Achilles heel, nonetheless, we remain convinced that agricultural-based development remains the only source of hope The first Ethiopian film to achieve international recognition was directed by Haile Gerima, an independent filmmaker and pat of film at Howard University, Washington DC, the United States.

The multiplex will have 10 cinemas, five with seats, two withthe other two with seats and the biggest one with 1, seats.

መካኒኩ – Ethiopian Movie – Mekaniku Full Movie (መካኒኩ ሙሉ ፊልም)

His courage to invest and reinvest huge capital into filmmaking has earned him praise from industry observers; though novie have reservations about the roles he plays in some of his movies.

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Understanding this, many buildings in Addis Ababa are re-designing their facilities to have cinemas.

Led by the Market: Several businesses, companies and other institutions sponsor production; they pay a substantial amount of money to promote their products and services in the movies, as well as to inculcate their missions in the stories. Young filmmakers smharic been exerting aggressive efforts in improving movue production quality of films made in the country and they have been successful so far.

Many new buildings are also including cinemas as part of their real estate business. Watch premium and official videos free online. The last decade showed the resurgence of Ethiopian cinema.


Ethiopian Movie – Mekaniku Full Movie (መካኒኩ ሙሉ ፊልም) 2015

The cinema, located inside Edna Mall around the booming Bole Medhanialem Business District in Downtown Addis Ababa, is a privately-owned venue that screens newly released Hollywood blockbusters and Ethiopian movies. A couple of years later, Gouma and Behiyiwot Zuria were also produced locally. Although he worked in films as an actor and writer on top of lecturing Read more.

While, Sost Maezen, a film about illegal migration by Tewodros Teshome which is on screens now, has been said to aamharic in millions since it includes scenes in far remote desert and on the sea. According to Tewodros, mekaniiku of the post production activities —such as the sound and animation— were done in the United States with the cost of USD85, close to ETB1. Since the National Lottery Administration began its operation by issuing the first lottery named Regular lottery on September 8,it has introduced and sold a variety of lotteries to Read more.

In the initial years of filmmaking in Ethiopia, the genre of the movies was focused on showing the dark side of life; portraying crime, murder and corruption Yonas Berhane explains. Ethiopian movie latest full film Amharic film mekaniku. Capital investment in feature filmmaking has grown from a few hundred thousand birr a decade ago to more than a million now. His 12th feature film Bitania will be released soon. Yonas argues, in a country where the art of watching film is a new phenomenon, the responsibility of producing quality movies solenly goes to the filmmakers, the cinema houses and the government in producing and screening better quality films.

መካኒኩ – Ethiopian Movie – Mekaniku Full Movie (መካኒኩ ሙሉ ፊልም) 2015

Filmmakers believe that such movies are what the market needs. More in this category: Buildings mekahiku have cinemas attract a large number of visitors per day, which contributes well to tenants interest to acquire a place at a higher rate. He argues that a policy that encourages and supports co-production of films with those who have vast knowledge and experience in the sector, will help with technology and knowledge transfer.