However, when Tamahome tries to talk to Yui, Yui feeds him the dark pill through her mouth, rendering him unconscious. He says that he is always going to protect her, and that is where Miaka realizes that she likes him. Nuriko brings Miaka love and affection dolls to write her and Tamahome’s name on, and when she does, they split. He can’t keep chasing her, because he can’t “tag” her once she goes back to her world. Summary of last 27 episodes. When she and Yui are discovered by one of the soldiers, Tamahome rescues them, then Yui leaves them in the room to go get the scroll for Miaka. Forever, I’ll be there to protect you.

However, when they are gone, Tamahome’s blank eyes are filled too with tears. What if the child gets pregnant? Tamahome sends a deadly blast towards Taka, however after it hit, Tamahome believes he defeated Taka, but to his horror, he hit Miaka instead, who managed to escape her painful imprisonment and dove in front of Taka to take the blow just in time. Taiitsukun pops in and explains that Miaka and Yui’s summoning of their gods at the same time has thrown off the usual year cycle, and that everything that happened with Tamahome since he met Kaen was an illusion. Miaka’s new classmate, Shigyou, is running for President of the student council and Yui is running for Vice President. They run back to find a group of dead people. Miaka and the Warriors follow a young man to his house after Miaka had fought with him for food.

While Tamahome is doing that, Miaka is refusing to drink the broth that Amiboshi brought for her so she can forget her sad past. Tamahome and Miaka hug, and Miaka makes her last wish, despite the fact that everyone wants her and Tamahome to be together. They go out and Tamahome is so surprised by the train thinking that it is a really fast wagon.

After she loudly accused him of selling Yui and being a slave trader, the embarrassed man stops to talk. Miaka and Taka did not survive the blast but by separating their life forces from their bodies they were able to retain their lives. Tamahome gets worried about Miaka not returning and runs out after her.

miaka,tamahome & tasuki

Miaka goes after him, but loses him in the crowd. After Miaka and Taka were sent to earth again, Miaka’s classmates were again under the spell of Renne.


Afraid “Nakago” is going to hurt Yui, the Genbu warriors attack him. Suddenly, Tamahome is pulled back into the Universe of the Four Gods. A man stands above and she is scared. Miaka refuses to let the soldiers lead her away, miwka Nakago suddenly appears, leading her to a post where Chichiri and Tasuki are tied up.

For all the people who watch “Fushigi Yuugi”: When does Tasuki kiss Miaka??

The four directions of the earth Miaka goes to the Genbu Seishi, kneeling before them and begs them to let her have the shinzaho Miaka stands in front taskui the fire surrounded by the Suzaku Seven. As she runs away, spikes come down toward her, and Hotohori pushes her down.

Although Miaka then apologizes to Yui and says that she will not leave her as they are best friends, Yui openly declares that she will never forgive Miaka. Miaka and her talk and Tamahome is outside looking in at them really depressed. Nuriko and Chichiri, who had also felt this evil presence, enter the room. Miaka chases after him, but finds Yui and Suboshi while looking for him. While planning of the separation kisss a miaja, Nuriko cuts his hair in order to protect Miaka easily.

With torn clothes, and bruises he comforts her in his arms. Keisuke and Tetsuya head to Morioka to find criminal records from the Takiko Okuda murder investigation.

Yui is deeply troubled, then suppresses her shock and worry for Miaka, remembering that her troubles had been Miaka’s fault. She goes to the river to get some water, but is attacked by a group of assassins. Soboshi tells her Nakago can’t be tsauki and she doesn’t believe him.

Chichiri, you don’t know at the time who he is, pulls Miaka in episodr the brush. They also found Taiitsukun and she explained that the globes with Tamahome’s memories inside were from the Suzaku Seven, and Tasuki and Chichiri had given theirs to Taka. Lots of things have happened, but nothing will interfere with us.

Kutou soldiers attack Makan Village and Amiboshi kills them using his flute powers. Due to the large number of divorces every year, the job outlook for a divorce lawyer continues to be a positive one.

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They leave to discuss matters further and Tasuki runs into the prince who also has not spoken a word. They soon arrive in Tamahome’s home village. Slipping between worlds, she is relieved to see Yui is safe and reading the book in the library before the light fades and she returns to the world in the book. While waiting at the tower, Miaka sees Yui and Nakago. kids


miaka,tamahome & tasuki |

Miaka pulls away from Tamahome and realizes that the Tamahome in front of her isn’t right, and she calls for Taka and the two are reunited. Inside, Yui reveals that she now hates Miaka for abandoning her in the book world and coming back only for Tamahome. Taka is angered by this whole situation since they worked so hard for him to be reborn and Suzaku reawakens Tamahome anyway. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

With his blood staining the snow, Nuriko uses the last of his strength to lift the boulder out of the way so the others will be able to retrieve epiaode Shinzaho. Split and merge into it. Nakago says anything he sees since he arrived in Konan was an illusion made by Tomo, but the kodoku in the sake was real.

You’re talking nonsense and I can’t say I understand.

She holds it as if he were in it Amiboshi breaks free of Tomo’s vines and destroys the clam with his flute. Tomo escapes to miaa chamber where he begs someone to forgive his failure, but the person kills him.

When she is about to give herself to him, she is confused by something she cannot remember. While Keisuke and Miaka talk about Nakago’s arrival, Tamahome leaves through a window.

I don’t know why.

He walks over to her and kisses her passionately, then tells her. When the guards roughly grab Miaka, Tamahome quickly breaks free from the guards holding to fight the ones hurting her. Don’t leave me again. When the crowd gets out of control, he escapes with Miaka to run in to another gang. After a slight hesitation, he and Miaka go through Chichiri’s kasa. On the emperor’s orders, she and Tamahome are captured and imprisoned.

It’s the same for me. Tamahome episodd up through the smoke and blasts his own red chi at Nakago starting the battle of