Official and run by the actor. He loves em those mass producing power reactors. Now with the Minanite seed out you can play in their world and with this plugin, you can use their items! It ends up killing him It wasn’t an accident. She also does some pretty endearing things, and occasionally joins the Streamers in their madcap antics. Towards Ianite’s miniature copy, Ianita. In Season 1, he succeeds.

This leads to a lot of shifty characters taking advantage of him. The creeper spores that would have turned him into a creeper had their effects kept internalized by Dianite. She is currently in the Heroes’ home dimension. Due to the nature of the name ” Captain Sparklez “, he finds himself with a plethora of nicknames from almost every character. Sir Swears-a-Lot Tempting Fate: She was one of Jordan’s brief Love Interests and a devout follower of Ianite.

To his Mini-Me Jefry. He appeared in Season 1 and decided against following the Heroes to Season 2.

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Invokes this by posting a video of his date with Martha as Marthlington. Upcoming Features Any new items that come out on season 2. She was one of Jordan’s brief Love Interests and a devout follower of Ianite. He doesn’t seem to take himself very seriously, but he’s very skilled when it comes to battle.

After getting Thaumcraft reaserch from Sonja. He is currently in the Heroes’ home dimension. Towards Ianite’s miniature copy, Ianita. He chose to stay in Ianarea instead of jump into the void with the heroes. He’s trying to maintain order, but by violent and unethical means.


Deconstructed in an episode of Season 2, as he is torn whether or not to take up Mianite’s offer to bring back Ianite, despite her wishes. He introduced Ianite to the series, and so far is the only player that follows her. Naturally, Wag did it just to prove it. He’s fond of naming fish he catches and keeping them as friends. Though he plans to become “fully metal” in the future. mianige

He’s arguably the nicest person around in The Realm of Mianite, but he’s also one of the strongest. Beware the Nice Ones: Often keeps a pet Snow Golem s named Borris. He shipped Jordan and Captain Capsize so much in Season 1 that he actually built a wedding chapel for them to get married.

Due to the nature of the name ” Captain Sparklez “, he finds himself with a plethora of nicknames from almost every character. He’s not very fond of people calling him a copycat. He has undergone various trials throughout Mianite, all in the name of love.

Ser Jeriah Tucker’s Alternate. She was killed by Dianite, and Ianite revived her Country Bat’s adopted father. From what little he’s revealed about his childhood suggests he spent most of his early years on the streets. They become canon in the final episode.

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Lady of Black Magic Squishy Wizard: Very fond of keeping animals as pets. A given being Tucker’s alternate. Or doesn’t tell him to. Even in Season 2 he has yet to decide which god he wants to follow. By some accident, he’s now ended up back in his home dimension. Put on sfason Bus: Has turned away from Ianite due to the death of his wife and daughter, named Freya and Alva respectively.


Typically receives the brunt of abuse from the other streamers.

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Tucker chooses to be good, reasoning that he worships the Season 1 Mianite. A book found in his house confirmes that he loved Dianite, though whether the god felt the same is still unknown.

Mianihe she may have just been messing with him, Jordan practically had to hit her over the head with the fact that he was flirting with her.

And even use the Sugar of Ianite! It takes him a while to realize that his kid has been switched and the kid is later found inside a jail cell. She is known to bewearing flower crowns. He sometimes jokingly imitates this way of speaking.

Kinda iffy on Season 2. New to server running, anyone know why this is happening?

Best of MIANITE! (Week 1 Highlights)

Well now you can! Her strong point is her impressive skill in Thaumcraft. He’s around 80 and Jordan’s Alternate.

Genki Girl Morality Pet: Adorably Precocious Child Braids of Action: From what we’ve heard about him, he can be. To Be Lawful or Good: Face of a Thug: Father of Andor and son of Ianite.