To be fair to Milap, with reference to me at least, a lot of movies would go totally over my head in those days. Ha ha, yes, we were supposed to feel really sorry for him: For all syndication related queries, contact Pramod Shinde. Thanks for the clarification! When Rani was born, the astrologer who made her birth chart warned her father that Rani would be killed by a snake. She wore an assortment of colorful caftans with chunky jewelry and fringed leather satchels, plus great tiara-like headbands in her towering hair.

Suhan April 18, at 4: That immortality is overrated? He traps her one evening and attempts to rape her, but is killed by her large cobra guardian. Obviously, after all the reputation that she gained, she had no other choice but to marry her director. Let me know if you gain any insights in it that I have totally missed: It also starred Jaya Bhaduri now Bachchan. A few Stardust magazines are not that reliably informative:

It should be pretty easy to find on dvd or vcd. Ishara 12 Sep Share. Ritu Grover February 15, at 4: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

This was around years ago. The film is very interesting. This causes the real Ravi to fall into an unconscious state, while Snake Ravi romances the unwitting but increasingly hypnotized Rani.


Much like Rani, I was sort of hypnotized by this film but that too confuses me. Todd March 21, at 2: Her father has taught her to pray every day in an attempt to ward off this fate, but as Ravi soon discovers from other locals including a jealous Raju she is followed night and day by snakes, and considered dangerous to befriend.

Thanks to her debut film B. You must show me next time I visit. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Posted on March 21, at As is normal, a small boy in India is addressed as Babu.

And yes the hill in the backdrop of one if the pictures does look like Chamundi Hill on the outskirts of Mysore. I saw that mipap FB this morning: Seen all of them as a boy — did not understand even one of them then.

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Ravi, takes a break from the hustle-bustle of city life to an isolated hill to recoup, and put his thoughts together. That snakes are evil by nature? Colour Colour Sound Mix 0. Have you seen Victoria No. Just see your reach!

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The imagery below is used throughout the film, and I will confess right now that I have no idea what it might symbolize. She gives him some homework to prepare for the ordeal. For all syndication related queries, contact Pramod Shinde. It also starred Jaya Bhaduri now Bachchan. Shaitaan is an early film on multiple personality disorder.


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This film also marks the debut of the deep-voiced son of Murad — Movif Murad who is still popular in films today. She is of course by now in love with Ravi, although her father warns her against any further involvement with him.

Another laudable thing for Ishara is the small cast which he used, only four main characters, and virtually no support cast.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This leads him to every possible bad habit including drugs, alcohol and women I guess it might not be my fault ;- Reply.

But young Babu soon discovered a felicity with words and began to assist various dialogue writers. Indeed he was thought of as a path-breaking director. R Ishara and Rehana somwhow remind me of I. Inevitably, love blossoms between Ravi and Rani. This article is closed for comments. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed.