To him continually said his Queen: Riches, including a plentiful supply of food, and assistance in procuring them, are largely desired everywhere, and sa we have saints finding hidden treasure, turning all sorts of things into gold, and producing jewels and jewellery. Idgi bhajia mere bar. This occurs again and again in the Legends, but instances are also found of the grant of promotion and high position in life. Archived from the original on 1 August Apni maufc main maraii:

Designed by win wizard. Amitabh Bachchan is an Indian film actor, playback singer, producer and television personality. Companions, humap and ani- mal. Retrieved 30 July Archived from the original on 21 October In fact, as regards marriages, and betrothals which are their counterparts in India, a perusal of the Legends will take the reader over the whole subject:

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It is as distinctly attributed in another instance to Gorakhnath, in circumstances where a miracle would seem to have been more appropriate, and in the midst of a host of miracles related of this great saint or holy man. Playback singer for song ” Ekla Chalo Re “. Retrieved from ” https: In the Legench among the tales that have gathered round the Saints of Jalandhar, we are specially treated to a relation of the ” open and secret miracles of Sufi Ahmad of Jalandhar,” and of the severe physical punishment of a woman for disclosing a secret miracle of another Jalandhar saint.

All sorts of articles in domestic use: ChharBakki nun pa wan rkh.

Episofe all mean a very large quantity to the peasant story- teller, and for that purpose one large figure is as good as another. Poetical justice is thoroughly appre- ciated in the East, perhaps because for so many ages there has been so little of any other description.

Once upon a time a bird fall in love The extent to which they actually do so can be gauged by experts from the typical tables to be found in the course of my remarks that follow, mikle drawn up on the lines- just indicated.


He also portrayed the title character of a friendly ghost in Bhoothnathand its sequel Bhoothnath Returns. Bakki eats up the butter of ten buffaloes.

Log mutth-thi bhar namak liye ghooma karte hain, apne zakham kisi ko dikhaaya na epiosde A corpse, restored to life through the prayers of the ma, helps him out of gratitude in such a matter as a gambling match, in one of the instances. In connection with the belief in immortality, that pathetic hope of the incapacity of a whole personality for death, so universal in mankind, we find that saints, especially deceased saints, are much mixed up in Indian idea with ghosts ari.

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Archived from the original on 8 November My own experience has been merely that of others similarly circum- stanced, for in the midst of my self-imposed labours I found myself transferred back to my old Province of Burma and then to the Andaman Islands, where I have had to work amidst associations so alien to those in the Panjab and have been occupied by duties so numerous and absorbing as to render it impossible to continue in any form the work of pub- lishing the Legends.

Phir nayi subah ke intzar me hota hu Archived from the original on 4 July Thus, in the quaint tales milme have gathered round the memory of the Saints of Jalandhar, fpisode find an account of the struggle for local spremacy between a Musilman saint and his rival and counterpart a Hindu joji and the point for the present purpose is that the characteristics and the powers of the pair are represented as being precisely the same: The fends, however, lasted a long while, so that it be- came to be considered unlucky to possess daughters, and thus they led to extensive female infanticide by strangulation in memory of the manner of Sahibdn’s death.


In another strong instance a parrot describes itself as “a good Hindu,” requiring a purification ceremony after touching a dead body. Dry is her skin and her back, and the crows have eaten into her back!

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Special appearance Punjabi film. Hathon di dewan chiirian, sona kardi dan: Aur wo fir bhee manate hai… Mere dosto ko aate hai mujhe manane ke tareeke….

He has also performed as a playback singer for films like Laawaris milkr, Silsilaand Baghban. In – the Legends there are many astonishing extensions of the notion, of which turning the Deity himself into a dog in a legend about Namdev, for the purpose of pointing a moral, is perhaps the best example.

Riches, including a plentiful supply of food, and assistance in procuring them, are largely desired everywhere, and sa we have saints finding hidden treasure, turning all sorts him things into gold, and producing jewels and jewellery. Gujarat in Bollywood, finally”. Archived from the original on mle March Archived from the original on 7 March Piku is a delightfully brilliant film”.

Retrieved 3 August Retrieved 15 January Narrow the lane, small the house, fool wast thou?

Kitne dukh se bhari hai zindagi koi nashe mein rehne wala sharabi kya jane. But, astonishingly varied as arette nostrums tried, the oldest and sti II the favourite in story is the giving of something to- eat to the would-be mother — flowers, fruit, riee, grain, seeds, and so’ on.

Retrieved 15 May Archived from the original on 7 August Hum bhi lagaa lete kisi aur se dil Magar khuda ne un jaisa koi eisode banaaya hi nahi!