Microsoft’s Minecraft [Episode ]. Almost listened all the episodes! The future of the Shaft. Maz joins us for the Holidays. Surviving the Minecraft – pocolypse [Episode ]. A Wild Host Appears. Fired up about larger worlds! Never Stop Digging [Episode 2] [Minecraft].

Generelt Musik Video Hitlister. Surviving the Minecraft – pocolypse [Episode ]. Toasty Ghosty [Episode 5]. End of an Era. Fired up about larger worlds! Straight up Fun Show! Do you already have iTunes?

Hat Films is Back! We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Notch plays Tetris in Simburbia.

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The Shaft – A Minecraft Podcast

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Going to the Minecraft Movies [Episode ]. End of an Era. The Splendiforous Skype Show. Bebopvox Loves The Shaft. Can I Get a Call In?! Minecraft’s mmillss talks to The Shaft! The State of Minecraft [Episode ].


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The past, present and future of Minecraft is constantly kept up to date by the lovely cast and their farm yard animals! Notch has left the building [Episode ]. Mojang does something only for the 2nd time Bebopvox Mines at Night.

Grab your pickaxe and let’s get a move on! Guest – Guude Returns. Microsoft’s Minecraft [Episode ]. New meaning to CONman. Opening the iTunes Store. Stampy Cat [Episode ]. Minecraft Guest – Ashley Mariee [Episode ]. Off the Rails [Episode 12]. Love you guys, and keep the good work up and improve the small spots were you can.

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We need to get back to basics, get it back to how it all was in the start, without other youtubers. Guest – Pedro aka MusicByPedro.