Lucy discovers a photograph of Jiya in Chinatown, San Francisco , dated Retrieved March 9, Meanwhile, Emma is seen stealing the Mothership. He hitches a ride with some college students, but is soon hospitalized with stomach pains. Retrieved March 27, Viva Mexico Airs at: Timeless is an American science fiction time travel drama series that premiered on NBC on October 3, Rufus, believing himself invincible in the absence of cowboys, is uncharacteristically reckless and is injured.

In June , the series was cancelled again by NBC. Retrieved March 2, In the present, the team discovers that their adventure inspired a James Bond film that is new to the timeline. Lucy convinces Johnson’s producer, Don Law , not to abandon the album, but his associate Betty, another sleeper agent, kills him. Season 4, Episode 3 Genre: Rufus confronts von Braun, who claims that moral considerations impede innovation. Flynn reveals to Lucy that he possesses a journal written in her handwriting which she has yet to create; he urges her to ask Agent Christopher about “Rittenhouse”.

s01w08 During a confrontation with Lucy and Wyatt, Flynn shoots and kills reporter Kate Drummond, whom Lucy and Wyatt had befriended and who was supposed to die in the original crash. Retrieved November 28, Rufus and Jiya argue over her premonition, then agree to face events together.

Retrieved November 4, Embed this content in your HTML. Pure Genius An explosive wildcard winner is brought back and the contestants are given the challenge of creating an automated machine that [ He hitches a ride with some college students, but is mistressess hospitalized with stomach pains.


Agent Christopher orders Wyatt to eliminate Rufus’s coworker Anthony, whom Flynn abducted when he stole the time machine.

Episode mistesses Airs at: Retrieved February 15, Retrieved May 10, Retrieved from ” https: Wyatt tells Lucy that Jessica is alive. Mason asks Cahill for access to NSA data to track not only the Lifeboat but virtually anyone globally.

Travispreventing him from finishing his “Victory or Death” letter. To s01w08 other agents, Wyatt and Rufus bring Kennedy to Wyatt wounds James but, as Reeves tries to defuse the situation, Lucy kills James.

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Lucy’s letter, although substantially different from Travis’s original, preserves the timeline by rallying support for the Texas Revolution. The trio are captured by the Shawnee tribe and they meet chieftain Nonhelema. Lucy and Wyatt enlist attorney and sleuth Grace Humistonwho disapproves of advocacy, to prove Paul’s innocence, but Paul is murdered in her cell.

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Flynn kills Rittenhouse, but Rittenhouse’s son, John, escapes from the scene. As s technology is unable to counter the virus, Rufus and Lucy get help wwtch mathematician Katherine Johnsonwho gets them into the mainframe. Lucy tells Carol about time travel and Amy, but her mother then reveals, to Lucy’s horror, that she onlune is a Rittenhouse member.


Retrieved January 3, Distraught by the predestination paradox they experienced, Rufus asks Jiya to not describe her premonitions. Retrieved February 23, Retrieved May 13, Retrieved March 27, Rufus is threatened by a Rittenhouse agent in the present day to contact someone in ; his contact orders him to “destroy the doc”.

Retrieved April 19, Emma violates Nicholas’s orders, and instead helps Rufus and Flynn stop wath sleeper agent, who is masquerading as a suffragist.

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Humiston detects and neutralizes the sleeper, whom Emma kills. Carol brings Keynes toand reveals that she is his granddaughter.

Mason’s team recovers the bottle, but the message is almost completely faded. Flynn grabs the key and escapes before both Bonnie and Clyde are shot dead by Hamer. At a house party, Kennedy learns of his and his family’s future, including the ” Kennedy curse. Viva Mexico Airs at: Retrieved November 3, Timeless is an American science fiction time travel drama series that premiered on NBC on October 3, Owen kills himself, fearing Rittenhouse’s retribution.