At this point, both sisters are hurting from relationship difficulties, thus immediately take leave from Excel for an upcoming family wedding in Morena. On Dia’s behest, the gang visit the administrator doctor on the day of the accident and find out that Nupur Bhushan might well be alive. Mayank talks to Nupur, which leads Nupur to cave and admit the truth. At first, Mayank pretends to be angry but then he comforts her by saying that Nupur had given him immense pleasure by telling this to him. Nupur finally reveals her pregnancy. A famous director, Neil Oberoi, comes to Excel for an open casting call.

Mayan’s mother finds a new job in Bangalore. Mayank promises to commit to Nupur. He is an old friend of the Bhushan sisters and has a soft spot for Gunjan. Distraught, Gunjan bolts up and runs to save his life, thus recovering fully. Gunjan shuns herself from comfort and hope. With the help of Rohan and Ash, the police come out and arrest Dhruv. At the after party Samrat learns the truth about Suhaani as does Adhiraj. He collides with Samrat and out of empathy helps him past his guilt.

As time passes, Gunjan misinterprets subtleties from Samrat and begins to harbour unstated love for him just as he clarifies Gunjan to be his closest friend, unaware of his own feelings for her while being oblivious stadting her one-sided love. Mayank and Nupur split after a row, and Nupur goes to Episdes. Gunjan and Nupur have a disagreement with Gunjan being understanding of their father’s anger and Nupur objecting to Gunjan and Samrat’s supposed indecent proximity at their second date.

Nupur finds out that she is pregnant and decides to hide it. The girls band together against the boys. The sisters soon restore their relationship when Nupur protects Gunjan from srarting eve-teased by thugs. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! This new character is Adhiraj Nishant MalkaniNupur’s childhood friend and expected suitor.

Now finally as things start to settle in life Gunjan realizes that she never deserved such an unconditional and persistent lover in her life.


Benji also reveals his love to Dia. Indian drama television series STAR One television series Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings Indian teen drama television series s Indian television series s Indian television series Star Utsav.

Season 1 Episode 1. Mayank suddenly finds out that his mother lost her job and leaves immediately without telling anyone.

Shena and Samrat strike up a relationship while Ranvijay flirts with Dia who returns the attention. Adhiraj discloses this deception to Shashi who then forces Nupur into marrying Adhiraj. At a subsequent party, Sheena mistreats Gunjan and Samrat decides to break up with Sheena and instead support Gunjan.

Gautam HedgeAnand Sivakumaran. Dhruv had also caused the accident three years ago. Yehii To Haii Woh! Nupur assumes their relationship is over and is furious.

Samrat however lies to Gunjan to keep her pleased and simultaneously begins an all-female basketball team in which Ash takes part. Samrat, upset with Ash bunking classes, forces her to get a letter signed that excuses her from class. Dhruv Verma Kishwar Merchant The gang decides to go for a vacation with the goal of getting Gunjan to walk again. Pilot 22 Sep 7. It is revealed that Nupur has been pretending to not recognise them out of fear of Dhruv.

“Miley Jab Hum Tum” Pilot (TV Episode ) – IMDb

However, when Ash gets to know of this, she tells Mayank the truth. Seema Sharma Sudhir Sharma. Ash and Rohan both look up to Samrat. Uday makes an entry here. Search for ” Pilot ” on Amazon. Gunjan uses the rekindled love after the play and the happiness from the adventure in obtaining Nupur to consider her relationship with Samrat mended.

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Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Adhiraj mistakes another Nupur to be the Nupur he is looking for. While doing this Uday loses the money mmjht the unconscious man and Gunjan discovers that Nupur and Mayank are back to terms. Dhruv arrives at Nupur’s house but is caught red-handed attempting to shoot and kill Nupur. Samrat and Gunjan go on their first date. Start your free trial.


Dia joins Excel college

Mayank returns to surprise his friends and comes to learns of what the gang has been up to and convinces them to tell Adhiraj the truth about Nupur and to tell Samrat about NUpur being Suhaani. She eventually accepts curious to know about Ash’s mystery man who is actually Samrat. With nowhere to go, the couple turns to the gang for help. Mayank, thinking Nupur also did this, rusticates her from the college. After leaving the party, Ranvijay frames Samrat for a drunk driving accident.

Watch now on “UnMade”. This family happens to be an idealized version of what the gang already has: As Nupur, Gunjan, Mayank and Samrat speed to the airport, the brakes suddenly fail due to which Samrat careens the car off the road and the principal characters are involved in a life-changing accident. Full Cast and Crew. epixodes

Mayank suggests Gunjan to become a counsellor at Excel. Audible Download Audio Books. Dia, Uday, and Benji return to the show for the wedding, which serves as a coming together of Benji and Dia as a couple again. While Mayank is gone, Ratna and the Bhushan family decide to have Nupur married and send the match, Bablu, to college. Mayank and Nupur are wedded, but Shashi disowns her as he feels betrayed and humiliated because of their stagting actions. Samrat then openly challenges Dhruv and conducts a plan where he sends Mayank to Gunjan’s house, while Nupur is meeting Gunjan.

After purposefully casting Gunjan, Neil’s growing closeness with Gunjan makes Samrat overprotective.