Karen’s entrepreneurial spirit leads her to throw a spa party at Renee’s house. Back home, Drita is balancing her family while still taking care of her business. Retrieved May 15, Drita hears a rumor that may destroy her relationship with Karen forever. Meanwhile, Karen discovers unsettling news about her boyfriend, and Drita meets the new addition to Ang’s family. Drita gets news from prison. Renee hosts a psychic party.

This episode marks the first appearance of Love. After a night of partying with Karen, “cousin” Ramona goes missing. My Life —17 Mario Lopez: Archived from the original on February 18, Jennifer Graziano, creator and executive producer of Mob Wives , stated in December that a reboot of Mob Wives is in the works; it is not known if it will return to VH1. Drita has a burning desire to know whether Karen sucker -punched her at Renee’s party. Drita, Ang, and Natalie all meet up but Natalie rubs them the wrong way with her antics.

Retrieved March 5, Alicia’s sentencing has arrived. Drita takes some serious steps to deal with life after Lee. Retrieved 5 December After her confrontation with Karen, Carla questions whether she can ever trust Karen’s intentions. Drita and Ang separately confront Natalie about the accusations that Nat D. Renee’s son ends up in the hospital. Retrieved January 10, Retrieved 18 February Big Ang struggles with monkey business at her bar.

The show is set to be filmed on the East Coast and will likely feature both original and new cast members. Retrieved August 11, After Renee storms out of the bar, headed back to Staten Island, Carla is left alone with “team” Karen and the shenanigans continue. Ramona deals with the harsh realities of prison visits as Carla’s husband, Joe, is released and finally becomes a free man.

We were mobsters and mafiosos with The Sopranosbimbos and buffoons with Jersey Shoreand now we’re back where we started.


Ang receives devastating news that exposes her relationship issues with Neil. My Life —17 Mario Lopez: Renee continues to reconnect with Carla and invites her to Nat D’s party. This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat Drita’s store, children, and Lee’s home renovation is becoming too much for her to handle. Carla is worried wived her husband, Joe, has suddenly become distant and is stunned to learn about his whereabouts when she finally confronts him.

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As Karen prepares for her book release party, she’s left to face some harsh critics from her past, while Drita is once again forced to deal with the idea that she and Lee might be in the book. The war between Karen and Drita reaches irreparable heights when Brittany relays an explosive rumor. The Last Stand season 6. Retrieved February 14, Retrieved 5 February Funny, appalling, frightening, and good”. Retrieved November 23, Renee works on her friendship with Natalie and her friends back on Staten Island.

D’Avanzo and Graziano appeared in all six seasons, while Gravano was absent for the fourth, and Facciolo was absent for the fourth and fifth. Alicia replaces Karen Note: The ladies continue to talk, and things remain tense.

Retrieved 14 January Retrieved January 24, When Renee and Carla are confronted with the dueling parties, they are once again faced with making decisions that may betray loyalties. Ramona deals with boyfriend’s facing jail time. Carla goes on with her life while Joe is preparing to terminate his marriage with Carla.

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When rumors fly that it was a guy who threw the punch, the girl fight escalates into an all out mob brawl. Retrieved December 10, Alicia starts planning for her sentencing.

While Carla adjusts to life without a husband in jail, Renee is ready to turn a new page. Renee tells all the ladies that she is composing an erotic novel.


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Renee is still annoyed over Alicia’s accusations but things get worse once Renee receives a letter from Junior. The Futon Critic Press release. While Renee tries to convince episod son AJ to wivds back home, Ang’s reckless choices of the past continue to haunt her. Retrieved February 28, New Blood[8] and added two new cast members: The women work to cheer Ang up as she delishowss yet another life threatening surgery.

Drita gets shocking news regarding Lee’s release from prison and begins to realize her hip hop dreams when she gets cast in French Montana video. Carla reveals her close encounter with Ramona to Drita. According to Graziano, most of the original cast are willing to return including her sister Renee, who also starred on all seasons of the show.

Natalie debuts her song, titled Delicious, at Renee’s book release party. Fame Games The T. Carla prepares for her husband’s release from prison.

Mob Wives – S3 E1 – Mob Knives

We don’t know what’s so interesting about a bunch of low-life women the one pictured is a real piece of work who think that husbands that go off to prison is like spending a year wivea college.

Ang holds an early Thanksgiving party for the girls so that Renee and Natalie can make up.

Love informs Drita about her problems with Carla.