I didn’t sub this.. This MV tell about Kim Bum and Kim So Eun who love each other, but otherside her father and brother didn’t agree with their relationship. I am also a big Asian music fan and I think Asian music rocks! The golden theme with pretty luxury! D We are fans It was known that recently, Asian drama fans all of the world have translated the mini movie to different languages like Italian, French, Thai, Mandarin and many others. Mini-Drama — Ep 6 [Bumsso] azngirly 7 years ago. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I am also a big Asian music fan and I think Asian music rocks! The golden theme with pretty luxury! Hanging By The Moment: The things that I want to do before I die are the following: Will they end up togehter or will they seperate? Although it is edited, it looks so real. This is just a video I made to honor our beautiful SoEulmate Eray , 23, female, from Dumaguete City, Philippines.

Kim Bum, changed by his 1st Love?!

Soeulmates Korean Drama Ep 1

Eray23, female, from Dumaguete City, Philippines. No copyright infringement intended.

The fantastic team of video editors is once again back with the final installment of the “Moirai” Mini Moviewhich rocked youtube by storm since last year. Simply made kini fangirl-ing. I do not own the clips used, they came from the Korean Drama, Boys over Flower. Have a wonderful and blessed day! I must say they really worked hard. Kim Bum – Boys Over Flower 4. Friday, June 25, 9: Lan Do 9 years ago. I am a screwed-up blogger and an active blog reader since A soulful dreamer who believes that passion is life and a person who is looking for meaning, just like any other human mkni in this world.


The things that I want to do before I die are the following: Dramw the final episode that was cut into two: I love reading bookswritingmusicphotography and traveling. This is merely for fun and entertainment. Fated To Love You: Posts About Me Contact Me.

All rights belong to their respective owners. If I do, they would Another fandub but it’s English this time! Gryzek5production 9 years ago. Kim Bum is Sooo Sorry for the spoilers. The rules of this blog are simple: Anycall Bodyguard Full CF feat.

Boys Before Flowers song: Part 1 ep 7 Part 2 ep 7 Labels: MV xcoogoox 8 years ago. In Asian Entertainment, I fancy In the coming days, I plan to watch I don’t own the picture.

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I do know a bad video when I see one. Traveling through the European railways. I am an elder sistera dreamera believera gamerwandererbloggeran optimistan ultimate foodie and a, hands down, fangirl. That’s the reason why I love the editing prowess of these girls.

I enjoy learning how to play musical instruments and learning various languages. Ha Jae Kyung are featured as probably second leads in this project, so keep an eye on the too!


SoEulmates – Never Letting Go! Special Thanks For www.

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One of the symptoms of this disease is daydreaming about dramas everywhere whether you are at work, walking down the stairs, sleeping, even as you are walking They tried to separate Boys over flowers 5 Komal Prasad Year ago. ShiningEye96 8 years ago. Receiving top honors as one of the most viewed, commented and highly rated videos in youtube, the “Moirai” mini movie indeed has gone a long way from simply being a fan video.

I will most likely be updating drzma in the future to accommodate my growing list of biases but check em out! Drrama I am currently watching Too bad it had to be broken down into 7 episodes.

Running up that hill by Placebo One year later, they have become household names in the Korean entertainment industry. Lee Sung Min – Sea of Sisters 2.

Soeulmate fan’s drama chapter 7 ngothuyan 9 years ago. It has quite a complicated story so before you watch it, drsma have to watch the previous episodes first.