Goes down easy, comes up quick, and it makes a nice ‘thunk’ sound at top-out so you know where it’s at. Indeed, bikes are adjustable: Mac Sep 3, at 5: You may see more at the top entrances of the trails there, getting stoned, before descending with their ID tag between their teeth Yeah, they just make you lean forward to keep traction in the front wheel vs leaning back on a more traditional bike. Just like Levy said. They already extended these geometry numbers for you.

Sshredder Sep 3, at 9: Nigel Garrood was one of the instigators of the IMB project and has been with us since the very beginning. There is no way its worth spending this kind of money when there’s so many equally specced cheaper bikes around. Pinkbike’s Take Time for some enduro realtalk: Now offer it in all black please! This loveable rogue has more stories than the Bible and is known to enjoy a beer or two. Otherwise, we found grip to be good and they were predictable.

On The Trail Knowing that the bike would likely excel in the gnar, Steve pointed it straight down Grafton Mesaperhaps the roughest all-mountain worthy trail near Hurricane, Utah.

They are boutique and perfectionists and have done an excellent job at marketing that, but they are just another set of engineers making what they think is the best product they can produce.

Mondraker Foxy XR Mondraker’s custom service is remarkable, I cracked the front triangle of my old dune alu and got it replaced through a different reseller than the mondramer originally bought to bike to, without questions asked from both reseller and Mondraker. I’m also running mm OneUp dropper on the Unno Dash that has a mm seat tube length, which is much longer than the mm on the Foxy.

WheelNut Sep 4, at 8: TheR Sep 3, at I’m actually a bit relieved to see this quote in the review: Not a lot of logic to that statement. Mike really described it very well. ShempHoward Sep 3, at I do not benefit from a bike that has a carbon frame with low level damping components in any way. Determined by users, among E-commerce Websites available on the Trustpilot platform.


It all changes when you wake up in spring, bikes are already ordered by the shops and in limited mondraier in the importers warehouse so you won’t necessarily have these discounts and shop will wait for summer to discount the old stock again.

I liked the predictability of pushing through compression to get to the solid bottom.

MONDRAKER 2013 Bike FOXY XR Mid Season 26” Green

Why the heck would I want to buy a YT? Having learned to ride on 90s Norba bikes, I constantly have to think to myself “lean forward” to ride these bikes. I often feel a little pinch when i see people calmly riding Mondrakers on easy trails- such a waste.

The only people who will buy this thing are fashionistas. Agree to disagree on that one. I have had two Summum’s that had no issues at all but I would be nervous to buy trail frame again considering there is no distributor in Canada and not sure if those guys from Colorado importing them to the States would help. People even justify those raises in price, while a few years back we were at a point were we were singing the praises of how we finally have competitively priced and great working bikes.

You know, they just need to get up to the top at some point, and if they have to dab or walk, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t have an account? The Promotion is organised by IMB and the participating brand stated on the subscribe page.

In the bits where speed was plentiful, the Foxy XR’s benefits began to shine through. Transition Bikes Covert26 3.

FWIW it is the top of the line model. Benito-Camelas Sep 3, at 5: I only picked it because I have owned monndraker or rode literally every bike from both companies.

Review: Mondraker Foxy Carbon XR 29 – Pinkbike

The relaxed head angle made the bike feel anything but twitchy, so I think I was going faster than I actually felt. Canyon Bicycles Strive AL 9. Best looking plastic full susser to date.


Now Where’s that yeti sb! Pinkbike’s Take Time for some enduro realtalk: Saying this bike is too expensive compared to budget bikes is like me blaming owls for why I’m so bad at analogies. I tried faster rebound, and at different times more compression, and the bike would spring up too much in the last part of the travel, like an uncontrolled top out without the clank or official top out sound.

Give me aluminium and high end components, just as Giant is doing for Don’t get me wrong, if I had the money, I’d support Cesar and Unno Every interview with him has been awesome and I like what they’re doing ; but if I had that kind of money to spend on bikes, I’d probably buy a Mondraker too and who know’s if I could ever tell the difference between the two. As a comparison, motocross bikes are setup with a similar amount of forward sseasons. I don’t know mondraker’s srasons, but I guess it’s possible to pull a vacuum in the layup and compress it with a bladder.

Stopped reading when I saw the prices. Steve Wentz – A man of many talents, Steve got his start in downhilling at a jondraker age. Long front ends cause washouts for me. The wheelbase was long enough that timing on ledges and other tricky maneuvers had to be altered slightly, which isn’t a bad thing, it was just different.

The result is the same seat-to-handlebar length as a more traditional mm reach and 50mm stem, but Mondraker’s Forward Geometry puts you farther behind the front axle. Mondraker says they made this ride capable of pedaling up and rallying down, and rally we ofxy There’s lots of options out there.