Kamal Haasan had a guest role in the film and the highlight of the film was the sequence of scenes between Sridevi and Rajinikanth. From child artist to formidable veteran, how Sridevi has ruled hearts for five decades. Sridevi forayed into the Malayalam and Telugu industries too, and while Mollywood only cast her in lacklustre roles, well fleshed-out roles came to her in Telugu opposite veterans like Nageswara Rao Premabishekam , a smash hit , NTR, Krishna, Shobhan Babu and so on. A pilot fell asleep in the cockpit while flying a Boeing Full text: She returned to Tamil cinema only in with the Vijay starrer Puli. The late Balachander will be sorely missed. Balachander’s heroines, and others from films in the s and s, played complex roles and scandalized the Tamil society of that time.

Mayil dreams of becoming a teacher, but her mother wants her to marry Chappani Kamal Hasan , a developmentally challenged cousin. She is pursued and cornered by Rajinikanth, who believes his wealth and power will make her marry him. Search Member Search Keyword. Home Talk Property Beat. The movie will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu — all languages in which Sridevi is proficient and has delivered hits. Rajinikanth and Haasan played opposite her.

Chappani saves Mayil from rape, but she is the one who decides to wed him. Do more Indians have access to electricity? From child artist to formidable veteran, how Sridevi has ruled hearts for five decades. But having two killers was kind of unfair on the viewers who are trying to guess muduchu the killer is.

Before ‘Mom’: A flashback to Sridevi in Kollywood in the s and ’80s

Moondru Mudichu set a template for the kind of roles that would follow Sridevi in Tamil cinema for nearly a decade. Although the movie was nice throughout, I didnt quite like the climax. It went overboard I think. The movie was nice in that it kept making Rocky the prime suspect for all the murders and suddenly turns out to be Suraj, whom people suspect the least because he has already been proved innocent. She learnt on mudichj spot. This time, Haasan was cast as the anti-hero, while Sridevi played a woman who has to protect her life and her sexuality yet again.


They could imagine a poor girl like Sridevi marrying an older man as a marriage of convenience. Meanwhile, Mayil falls for a doctor who comes to their village. Dileep Hasan is a serial killer who ends up marrying Sharada Sridevi. The climax has her clutching to her mangalsutra and refusing to return to her lover.

When Balaji accidentally falls into a lake, Prasad, a swimming champion, looks on and lets him drown. In a recent interview, he commented that he found it tough to match steps with her novie the dance sequences as she was such a brilliant dancer. The film was a runaway hit and the actor proved that she could still carry a film on her shoulders.

Not all her Hindi films did justice to her talent or versatility as they were climqx potboilers focusing on entertainment. Where are directors like that today? Films such as these launched their long tenure as leading men of Tamil cinema. She is playing her age, and she seems more comfortable in her skin.

Chennai audiences could relate to arranged marriages, even ones arranged by the woman in question. Apart from being a hit, 16 Mudicchu was iconic for other reasons. She turned to prostitution to support her large clan. They had sublet their downstairs apartment to the milkman, who chose to house his buffaloes in the flat and live in his ramshackle hut. The praise was mutual. Selvi, barely 18, is crestfallen.

Before Bollywood, Sridevi showed off her acting chops in Tamil cinema

But when even her most die-hard fans thought she had hung up her boots for good, Sridevi sprang a surprise by returning to the silver screen after a fifteen-year hiatus. These heroines took charge of their destinies. Could not be Suraj coz principal said he was with him.

Though I kept thinking it must be Suraj coz from all the mystery novels I have read, it is always the person least likely. What does Sridevi do? I also noticed another flaw in the movie. His motive for killing sounded very much like ‘Baazigar’.


Moomdru are solution seekers who confront their problems with fortitude and imagination.

Bhagyaraj was similarly effective in combining tradition and novelty. Sridevi delivers a powerhouse performance as Mayil. His women took their reality by the balls and shook it to suit their circumstances. When the killer tries to attach Tanisha in her house, and she sees his orange watch and then sees Suraj has the same watch and thinks he is the killer?

Though we did several romantic scenes, the bond we shared was more like schoolmates hanging around. Kamal Haasan and Sridevi in Moondru Mudichu The village rowdy Parattai Rajinikanth also has his eyes on Mayil. But for the climax, where Kamal goes overboard with his emotions, the entire film belonged to Sridevi. Remade in Hindi as SadmaMoondram Pirai features Sridevi as a woman who regresses into child-like behaviour after developing retrograde amnesia.

She has appeared in Malayalam cinema too. Except for one item song in Hongkong, the movie was nice. The late Balachander will be sorely missed.

Salman Khan, for instance, recently said that Sridevi is greater than all the Khans in the industry, while veteran actor Anupam Kher dubbed her the Queen of Hindi cinema.

When Balachander died inSridevi wrote that Moondru Mudichu changed her life forever. I mean when they reveal who the killer is, it doesnt mhdichu make sense why he had to kill all the other people.

The prolific actress will be seen in her th title Mom, directed by Ravi Udyawaron July 7.