ND Series Service Manual. Lombardini therefore recommends that the oil pump be handled as an assembly from a service standpoint Lombardini does not recommend that the oil pump be disassembled, then reassembled for purposes of installation on the engine except during emergency situations. Repeat the operation on the other cylinders. Unscrew the two fastening screws 5 that fix the E. In the opposite direction, injection is delayed. As well as lowering the freezing point, the permanent liquid also raises the boiling point.

Avoid touching the exhaust system in particular. The revised sections of the Service Manual are shown in Table 1. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation May To the opposite direction speed decreases. Make very small movements with the plate. Check the peripheral rubber sealing gasket and the two dustprotection rings of the two pulleys, if mounted. When your vehicles head gasket is blown, there is usually a very small crack, therefore you may start to lose water or oil and water start to mix resulting in the car to overheat. European Automobile Manufacturers Association Tables shown on this page are of useful reference when buying a kind of oil.

Tighten oil drain plug at a torque of 40 Nm. Service Manual Marine Diesel Engine 4 Single-degree oils are normally used when the running temperature varies scarcely. Combustion creates carbon monoxide, an odourless and highly poisonous gas. During reassembly, turn the plunger spiral L towards the non-return valve 19, as follows. Tighten the fastening screws lombardni the crankcase at 25 Nm and those of the plate at 10 Nm.


See page 55 for technical details. When refitting tighten the screws at 80 Nm.

To the opposite direction speed decreases. Reposition the new caps in their seating and check the seal. Air inflow system cleaner. Run the engine to the maximum speed, that is rpm.

Service manual VF4 VF5. These lifting points are not suitable for the entire machine; in this lombardin, the eyebolts installed by the manufacturer should be used. Use a cloth soaked in degreasing product to remove the protective treatment odw the external parts. If so, it is important to inform and train them regarding the type of activity they will be performing in order to prevent risks to the health and safety of all persons involved. Carry out maintenance regularly after predefined number of km, or within the time intervals scheduled.

Make sure that all guards have been refitted.

WORKSHOP MANUAL 1003 FOCS Engine Series – lombardini service

Tighten screws 1 and 2 at a torque of 1,1 Nm. It is also possible to use a mercury column, 1 metre long, since the maximum suction pressure exerted by the vacuum pump is mmHg.


Check the peripheral rubber sealing gasket and the two dustprotection rings of the two pulleys, if mounted. Replace the gasket each time the manifold is reassembled. Only refuel outdoors or in a well ventilated place. Check that there are no drips in the radiator.

LDW M – Lombardini Marine

Comline More from this seller. JDM More from this seller. More refinements More refinements Oil Filler Caps Brand: Cut the ring gear in several places using a chisel and remove it. Inside of radiator or coolant lines obstructed. This manual lists components of A-Series locks manufactured after Buying format see all.

Leave room for the fuel to expand. Grinding B as per relevant table, you can mount the following half rings: Dispose of old oil in the correct way as it is highly polluting.