The following episodes were featured in this clip show: The Counselor 06 May When the owner of Belvedere’s favorite donut shop dies, he leaves his donut shop to him. Meanwhile, Wesley’s school has a talent contest and Wesley takes up ventriloquism with a dummy that looks remarkably like Mr. Feeling unwanted, Wesley then runs away. Kevin soon begins to fall for one of the female nude models and they begin to get quite serious. As Belvedere and Louise reach the altar, she breaks the news that she has been called back to Africa; Mr.

Meanwhile, George and Marsha’s second honeymoon is a bust, and they decide to high tail to Atlantic City as well, leaving Mr. At present, the first four seasons have been released on DVD by Shout! The following episodes were featured in this clip show: Meanwhile, George has been coaching Wesley’s baseball team and has been putting pressure on Wesley to be the best he can be which brings to light George’s not-so great past as a baseball player. Belvedere accompanies George to the reunion and must fend off the advances of a persistent woman. When Kevin kicks him out of the apartment, a furious Anatole shows up at the Owens door demanding a place to stay for him and his goat.

Meanwhile, Wesley becomes an efficiency officer and begins to manage Mr.

George is having a fit when he and Wesley have to go to the dentist for a routine checkup. This was the last episode written by Tony Sheehan. The series began its run on ABC on Friday nights at 8: Sparks after breaking him out of the nursing home and hit up the first casino they see. Marsha gets some unexpected news that she may be pregnant which brings back the feelings she had when she became pregnant with Wesley.

December 6, Winifred Freedman makes her first appearance in the recurring role as Wendy. Heather and Angela get a job at a music store and at least Heather seems to have enough responsibility to do a good job, that is until she begins dating the captain of the football team and he just assumes it would be okay to stop by Heather’s work and rip off a few things. However, one evening while working delivery, he meets an older woman whom he instantly becomes smitten with which leads to him losing his virginity.

Afterwards, reruns of select season 3 episodes aired until September 11, Belvedere encounters an insufferable girl named Brenda Emily Schulman while waiting in line at a fast food restaurant, and Mr.


Belvedere tries to give up junk food and each one discovers that trying to sneak may epieode be an option. The episode’s very last scene as well as the last scene of the series overall is much like the last scene in most episodes, except it has Mr. Meanwhile, Heather tries to pay for the repairs of Marsha’s car after she scratches it and asks Mr.

Maggie Han eblvedere Patti Yasutake as Tami in this episode.

This was the second and last episode of the series to feature an all-star cast. Also occasionally, the show did multi-part episodes. Make the return of Casey Ellison as Miles Knobnoster.

Belvedere; he reveals his fears, and they decide to get married. Wesley has been named valedictorian of his graduating elementary class, but days before the ceremony, Wesley plays a prank at a school dance and episodde classmates insist that he grow up.

The Counselor

George reveals that he has a fear of flyingand Mr. I loved Crest commercials when I was a kid. Belvedere returns to the Owens episoed, only to find another maid has taken his place. When he gets an A, Wesley feels pangs of guilt and confides in Mr.

Meanwhile, the Owens’ monthly bills have got out of hand, and Mr. However, he quickly finds Craig coming to him for every paper he has to write, which leads to Wesley discovering that Craig cannot read.

On a Very Special Episode of Mr. Belvedere – Wesley get Molested in “The Counselor” – The Retroist

It consisted of select episodes from all the seasons made up until this point: Instead it ends with Brice Beckham and Christopher Hewett advising youngsters to watch out for child molesters and teaches them what to do if they encounter one. The opening and ending titles were replaced with the season 1 versions. Meanwhile, one bathroom in the Owens’ household has George and Marsha thinking of adding one to the house, episods each member of the family has their own epsiode for what the room should be used.

However, George soon discovers that golfing with the butler may have been a mistake. Belvedere has a plan of his own. George and Marsha have conflicting events. Belvedere who got fed up with having no privacy of his own and barges in on Kevin. Belvedere for a loan, but when she fails to pay it back, she becomes his slave.


Wesley becomes a mini-mogul when he organizes a company that goes around the neighborhood doing odd jobs.

On a Very Special Episode of Mr. Belvedere – Wesley get Molested in “The Counselor”

In the end Wesley does the right thing and reports Perry. Belvedre writing in his journal at the end. Afterwards, the show moved to 8: While at the camp, Wesley finds himself a victim when one of the counselors touches him inappropriately, leaving Wesley feeling guilty and scared and unsure if he should keep it a “secret” like the counselor encourages him to.

However, she quickly finds it difficult searching for a job in a law firm and when she is hired she finds herself dealing with her boss who has anything but law on his mind when belvdeere begins making passes at her. Kevin wants to take the next step in his relationship with his roommate Casey and move to a sexual one but just as they decide to take that step, they get an interruption in the form of Wendy and her husband who pay them a visit and Wendy makes it known that she still lusts for Kevin all the while being trapped belveder a loveless marriage.

However, at the last moment he gets an opponent, in Billy Podell, a paraplegicwhose situation makes Wesley shy away from episodee, but it does not shy Billy away from doing it to Wesley. Wesley has gotten totally out of control, and George and Marsha are up in arms over his constantly getting into trouble at school and at home. However, when they come back Wesley is the one having the fit, as the dentist suggested he get braces.

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Belvedere gets a surprise visit from his ‘Mumsy’, his elderly mother who has come over from England to stay with the Owens family.