No one involved with this film is reluctant to show their immersion in popular western youth culture, even though it usually comes across as more goofy and occasionally behind the times–just check out the preppy shoulder sweater than anything else. Karan happened to see Pooja from a distance and instantly fell in love with her. She didn’t seem so out of place in Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon , although on the other hand, that film is absurdly cartoonish at times. Great acting and good composing. Kareena Kapoor doesn’t appear until the minute mark. Will Karan be ever able to tell her his feelings?

Fate has Karan saving Pooja, almost dying in the attempt. This is the first Bollywood film I’m giving my “5 out of 10” rating. Download Single latest Song just using one click. In my case, it does. The idea of the plot isn’t horrible, even if it is simplistic. Believe it or not

My favourite kareena Kapoor movies.

Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai

For the first half-hour, they’re basically just treading water. Bas Itna Hai Kehna video song. Lilting music by Anu Malik. Install folkd-Buttons for Firefox. Seek help of a benevolent person by telling him the truth instead of playing with his emotions by lying to him.

However silent waves keep on going from his heart towards Pooja’s heart and when she is about to depart for abroad for pursuing higher studiesall of a sudden Karan’s love eisode visible to her something like an illumination in her heart. He is no more in this world. And the fact that there was a new-comer opposite Kareena Kapoor in only her 2nd film didn’t help the pre-discussion about this film as hit films tend to have the likes of Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit in the lead roles.


Amidst the frolic and enjoyment of his happy-go-lucky life, appears Pooja Kareena Kapoor.

Was this review helpful? Pooja is from the States, visiting relatives to do research on “Indian culture”, and trying to get accepted into Harvard.

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Like as nusrat fateh ali khan, rahat fateh ali khan and sher mian dad khan qawal. It was one of the best movies i have ever seen in my whole life. Kailashnath is a widower, and father of an only son, Ramesh.

Frankly, enough maturity does not seem to have come to him to play the pivotal role despite the fact that the role is of a teenager. Further, because of the simplicity and the necessity of increasing the severity of the misadventures, and also related to length, we have mijhe film that peaks at least 40 minutes before it is over.

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Seeing it again, I see the negative points too, but there is no doubt it is a good movie. Archived from the original on 15 February Believe it or kuccch You will find all the details of Kissi Se Na Kehna movie like director, producer, cast crew, actor and actress.


Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai Theatrical release poster. What happens in the end, epsode move any romantic. Download Single latest Song just using one click.

This was not confirmed by the director, Satish Kaushik. Overall, a nice movie that can give you a long, lingering smile that will come back every time you remember about the film.

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Its a 2 in a half hour movie, about him trying to show his love, kebna still manages to entertain. Meanwhile, Karan has survived the fall but is seriously injured and unconscious. Its as cheesy as hell, but enjoyable. Isn’t this a typical Hindi film plot outline? Karan starts feeling some unknown bond between himself and herself and once she gets introduced to him by sheer stroke of luck, gradually love blossoms in his heart.

He is clever, an excellent musician, and plays in a band. If you’re in the mood for some silly humor, both intentional and unintentional, this is worth a watch.

I usually reserve that for “So bad it’s good” films. She is Pooja Kareena. So many Pakistani and Indian artist sung this qawali. I admit, Kareena is good too, these were the days when she was all innocent and pretty.