Retrieved 21 June Manahil overheard Salahuddin giving a blank check to Mikaeel and misunderstood him. Manahil accuses Salahuddin for giving money to Mikaeel in exchange of her children, unable to make her understand, he deliberately accepts her allegations. Mikaeel ask Salahuddin to settle them abroad, so that he could start a new life to which Salahuddin agrees. So far, Mann Mayal has offered nothing new or challenging. Mikaeel goes into another gambling debt of twenty-lac and loses his car.

Salahuddin returns home and apologises to his father and both reconcile. Whenever I take up any project I always have some period in mind; and this serial the props and accessories we have used would represent the old era and it has been done in a way that everything looks relatable,”. Salahuddin starts to take care of Rehman while Manahil marries Mikaeel who proves to be an abusive husband and also who has a gambling problem. Retrieved 24 August Ahem’s death sparks ‘Saathiya’ in UK”. Later, Salahuddin tells his mother about Manahil and him, and asks her for their proposal, stunned to this confession she reluctantly agrees. After Salahuddin’s successful operation Manahil leaves for Hyderabad without seeing him.

Mikaeel fights with his friend for money, after losing all in gambling, while gets irritated after being continuously asked about money. Later that night, Manahil has labour pain, so she was going upstairs to tell Mikaeel’s parents.

Rehman refuses to take any medicine from Jameel saying that he knows the truth about having cancer. Jameel calls Jeena to tell her that Manahil is in park, where she reveals her plan that Mikaeel was never there to meet Manahil, instead to abduct the children, he tries to warn only to see anxious Manahil running towards him.

Retrieved 5 April She then lives munmaip an abusive marriage, while Salahuddin succeeds in his ambitions. Manahil tries to adapt the environment of Mikaeel’s life and gives away her old clothes and accessories.

Meanwhile, Jeena consistently try to poison Manahil about Salahuddin. Mikaeel’s father orders him to leave the house.

When Manahil hears Salahuddin talking to her mother, she grabs his phone from him and, devastated by her situation, she informs her mother that Mikaeel has divorced her. Retrieved 9 August Mikaeel’s father threatens to disown him, so in fear of being disowned, Mikaeel fakes to agree to go to office.

Manahil tries to make Mikaeel understand who tells her that he wants to make this home munmaip casino and throws Manahil, along with her children, out of the house.

His mother ask Manahil about Iddah of divorce and tells her to stay away from Salah-ul-Din. Second week in a row it received the highest TRPs with 5.


Mann Mayal Episode 24 HD Full Hum TV Drama 4 July 2016

Retrieved 21 August Salah-ul-Din assures his father that there is nothing between him and Manahil. The character of Mikaeel portrayed by Gohar Rasheed received critical appraisal from critics, but he faces criticism and harsh reaction as Mikaeel from public, in an interview he said, “a woman came up to me and asked if i am Mikaeel from Mann Mayalwhen i said yes, she responded, You are a bad person and you should leave this place before we slap you.

Retrieved 20 September Manahil try to makes Salahuddin understand that she cannot marry her. Salahuddin leaves for Karachi too, and when he reaches Karachi, he finds out about Rehman’s death. Mikaeel’s friend, Bari, informs his father about his debt and is confronted by his mother, which led to a fight between him and Bari.

Man Mayal Episode 7 Full on Hum TV Drama 7 March – video dailymotion

Failing in her plan of separating Manahil and Salahuddin, she plans to poison Manahil and children. When Rabiya picks up the call, Manahil says that she wants to talk to Salahuddin but she tells her that Salahuddin is talking to his father about their proposal. Salahuddin’s parents decide to drsma Mannu and agreed for their marriage. Slah-ul-Din calls Manahil’s mother and informs her that Manahil is coming back home, where her mother tells him about Manahil’s father heart attack.

In Hyderabad, Manahil recalls her memories and asked her father that she wants to start her life again on her own and refuses Salahuddin proposal. Despite receiving highest-ratings, Mann Myal has been a subject of skeptical reviews and reception. She then leaves for Hyderabad where he asks her father that she wants to complete her studies munmqil raise her children on her own. After seeing Manahil ddrama Salahuddin, Mikaeel sees his plan gone wasted he asked her to leave.

Heavy in gambling-debt, Mikaeel is confronted by his srama who reminds of him his deadline. But Manahil denies saying that he only cares about her.

Manahil sells her earrings and necklace to buy a train ticket back to her home, but the money wasn’t enough, so she calls Jameel for help.

Manahil calls her family, and tells them that a “baba ji” Salahuddin advised her to call her parents regularly. Tensions between Salahuddin and Ifti rise when Cookie often deliberately blames Salahuddin, who makes a deal with Cookie to take care of Rehman on his own.

Man Mayal Episode 2 Full on Hum tv 1st February 2016

The Last episode of Mann Mayal averaged 7. Later, Salahuddin tells his mother about Manahil and him, and asks her for their proposal, stunned to this confession she reluctantly agrees. Colors new schedule off to slow start”. All International broadcasting aired the series in accordance with their standard times. Salahuddin and Rehman start to get to know each other and they soon develop a close bond.


Retrieved 14 June Manahil comes back to her house, crying, after facing rejection from Salahuddin’s house and tells el father that she will never forgive Salahuddin for not accepting her.

Star Plus touches ratings high mnumail Monday”. However, Sheeba Khan of HIP lauded the series positively praising it script, Haseebs’s direction, Shuja’s background score, and acting – particularly of Hamza and Aiman Khan, she also praised for family orientation script saying, “that old, traditional feel is hard to find in dramas these days Jeena turns the situation against Jameel and blames him for getting caught, where he insist Jeena to marry him and threatens her while she records their conversation secretly.

Salahuddin disguises himself as a “Guru” and talks to Manahil and draam her by giving her advice to keep her life dram track, when Manahil finds out she warns him to stay away from her. Both fall in love mjnmail Salahuddin refuses to marry Manahil due to their social-class status and due to fear of rejection from her family. He is ambitious for studies but is however asked by Manahil’s father to give tuition to Manahil because of her low grades.

Jeena consistently tries to impress Salahuddin. Despite Manahil’s e Salah-ul-Din buys toys for children. I am glad we shot there because it has been demolished by government now,”.

Man Mayal Episode 3 Full on Hum tv 8th February – video dailymotion

Retrieved 7 June Manahil’s parents are surprised to see sudden change in Mikaeel’s personality, however Manahil gets suspicious and finds out the real reason. Manahil asks Jameel of his Guru’s number, to which he first shows reluctance but later on Manahil’s insistence that she will only message her, he gives Salahuddin’s number.

Salahuddin gets to know about Manahil being home from Rabiya. Jameel asks Salahuddin for forgiveness and both develop a close friendship.