Will Topher and his siblings finally learn to value and appreciate their mother when they no longer feel her love for them? When the fairy of cleanliness sees this, she curses her. Later on, she discovers that she can control them and use them for attacks, but disregards it after she loses control over the power. She soon realize that beauty lies within the goodhearted people. Perry is a young man who wanted to be perfect to please his mother and his crush Kylie. The story of sisters Petra and Aya who are working in a pepper farm owned by their cruel aunt. Later, she had a minor role on Spirits and did a cameo on Komiks Presents:

But her inherent selfishness makes Robin mad, pushing him to resist Gelli’s plead. The following years she made her first appearance in the soap opera Hiram and went on to appear in the television kiddie gag show Goin’ Bulilit as a series regular until her departure in The story is about Joanna who is a fake spiritualist that will encounter adventures especially when all her lies come true and she begins to see ghosts like Kwatzy. But popularity always comes with a price, and in order for her to belong into the in crowd and get the mean girl necklace she has to get herself a trophy boyfriend. Career Helga was a contestant on the first season of Star Circle Quest. Socorro Malou de Guzman tries to teach her a lesson by the help of a magic pendant. Mayumi wanted to be beautiful so that she will not be teased by others. The series is streaming online on YouTube.

Will he finally understand and believe in Christmas when he experiences to do Santa Claus’ duties? Because of her amazement, Yayo decided to share to a sick old man boydie Dahlia’s special powers. Worse, all the adults in their town go missing, causing the survivors, all of which are children, to panic.

He use his magical powers to fight magical creatures in their town.


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Buboy is a young boy who is fond of playing with spiders. What will they do once the dwarf who granted their parents’ wish returns and threatens to bring harm to their family? Member feedback about Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Star Julia Montes unexpectedly receives a box that grants all her wishes. Member feedback about Mutya Orquia: Paul John and Mimi Bianca are childhood sweethearts who promised to love each other no matter what. Judy Ann Santos and the late Rico Yan graced the first episode of this program.

Because of her bad habit, Haring Kidlat decides to punish Tina and attacks her with lightning bolts, which gave her the power to absorb electricity.

Member feedback about Ang Probinsyano season 3: Because of his inherent kindness, Super Bing chooses him as her successor and transforms him into Super Ving after giving him a magical stone that gives anyone superpowers to save innocent people’s lives.

The woman then apologized for what she had done and the statues that resulted from her curse returned to normal, also returning her hair to normal. One day, he cuts a tree in their yard so that there would be enough space for the court he wants. Member feedback about Helga Krapf: When she had already saw her mother, Inday goes back to the market to compete against her mother’s gay son.

Super K still flies to the skies to patrol if there are any troubles. The girl was ugly that everyone was making fun of her and she dreamed to be beautiful.

List of Wansapanataym episodes

eppisode She said her name was Karen, and Carl was very surprised. Member feedback about Galema: And at last, she became the first runner up but still Bechay was happy because she episoce, cleanly without cheating. This page was last edited on 18 Februaryat One of the stories Agua Bendita had two parts. After her training, Dong Pagong instructed her to get the magical pearl and bring it to their land to prevent the giant octopus from finding it in the ocean.



Tootsie had a lesson learned because of this. One day, the germs on his skin attack his mother.

As he realizes the differences between Sioneng and Sonia, Raprap decides to bring back everything the way it was. Despite its eppisode effect on their business, will Barbie finally learn how a single plastic bag can harm the environment when a boy who is actually a fairy mysteriously turns her into one?

Paulo Jason Abalos is a grouchy and lonely man who chose to drown himself at work to forget his misfortunes. A story about a father who sacrifices for his dying daughter Anna.

Kapitan Boom, where she played a younger version of a character portrayed by Gloria Sevilla. A Mother’s Day presentation. List of most-watched television broadcasts topic The following content contains the tentative list of the most-watched television broadcasts around the world in selected countries, with the corresponding peak viewership or ratings share records, the corresponding year of such broadcast, and the mentioned media research organizations tallying nationwide viewership records.

Wanda, who secretly harbors feelings for her friend, offers help. It shares a story about a boy named Larry who hates taking a bath.

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Meanwhile, there’s a big rat running loose in their house. Since her beginning, she made guest appearance and her journey as an actress began after having starred in drama series Ningning and variety show Showtime. Mac, is a girl who is always lazy and spoiled, will be kidnapped by a witch named Mirror Ruka, and she will be trapped inside a mirror.