Harry Choice 2 Well, if you don’t feel like it. Yep you’re right 10 is the amount given for correct points and 5 for the wrong. I want to stay like this forever. Episode 3 Hug him Just a little. Episode 7 You did a great job. Give him my support. Date Masamune Act 2.

Special Thanks to Deborah for this Walkthrough! Sorry, I read it without permission. I can’t seem to get to super happy end even with the right answers in season 2’s. Episode 7 So soothing Takamasa Saeki Season 2 Invite Code: Date Masamune Act 2.

Hahaha, we will all just pretend it’s the right place when they are obviously wrong. Give him my support. Episode 3 I don’t like the jokes like that! Episode 9 Hold his hand Maybe both.

The amount of Chemistry you have, which you get by making choices during the Main Story and through raising your Charm, determines what ending you will get. We still have to put everything away… Episode 2: Choosing all the right answers will only give you a total of points, so you need to have at least 60 Chemistry from raising your Charm so that you can reach the points needed for the Super Happy End.


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Thanks to Blake Bartol for letting us know about this new route. During Double Chemistry Fever, you will be given 20 Chemistry for the right answer and 10 Chemistry for the other answer. Episode 3 It was a great performance.

No, I don’t think so. Looks like you had crush on her.

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding PARTY: Takamasa Saeki Season 2

Takamasa Saeki Season 2 Invite Code: Have you seen Chiharu? I want to stay like this forever. Try to explain Episode 6 I’m glad you’re okay. Episode 7 So soothing Myxprint September 3, at 8: The ending you get is not affected by the type of story you choose during the Avatar Missions.

Harry Choice 2 Well, if you don’t feel like it. I was going to szeki him down. Ibuki Mitsumine Release Date: A Sudden Declaration of Love!

Because I don’t have the english translation yet and this is the only way I can identify the answers without having to leave the japanese characters along with ,y. Episode 4 Not at all!


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Episode 5 Vivid colored dress I wanted to try wearing them, too. I think he’s cute.

Episode 9 We always hold hands. It annoyes me so much that they keep saying you’re in london but in the background you see the eiffeltower x’D anyway thanks for the walktrough!

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At the Airport ] Super Happy End. Choosing to take the Normal Route will not make it harder or impossible for you to reach the Super Happy End. Want to take a break?