There is nothing that makes you instantly put off here. MyNameIsB0aty , views Seerz 71, views I can’t hear it over some ginger who can’t quit screaming. Three stars despite it probably being two just because I like gaming novels and cheapskate MCs. He should run from orphanage before that test. Overall job growth is. Live TV from 60 channels.

A real lack of quality Somehow, he wakes up years in the past as an 18 year old man — a year before the release of Eternal Light EL. Players cannot be kicked in this mode except by an Elite Moderator and so it is a favorite of professionals and hackers to avoid being kicked. Seerz 71, views Even if the player does not fire a shot, One Man Army has a shorter spawn shield length than in other modes. KingDain song name at about 1:

RuneScape: One Man Army – Episode 010

Over the time it has been ranked as high as in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Russian Federation, where it reached as high as 1 position. One Man Army’s sister game mode is Arms Race. Not really sure what his motivation is anymore? Lifetime supply of super antifire A Friend 1 day ago. Top Countries Russian Federation 5. He literally makes no friends at all, so not much else besides npc chatting and a few dialogues here and Some also have voiced complaints about the ‘3 second rule,’ which grants invincibility to players for 3 seconds after respawning.

The author is again letting his amn fly beyond the novel, kynameisb0aty you still don’t know the end of the path it is not possible that the entire world gives path to only the protagonist, specially the people who just happened to come with this selection.

OnyxAnger Buy Ma got smited by the sellout gods.


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Only casual player won’t take that deal. I’ve come across quite a few of these stories, and the authors tend to focus too much on the MC and the benefits he gains from his foreknowledge. Ubo Your life isn’t interesting please stop vlogging. I forgot to write something important: It seems that the number of visitors and pageviews on this site is too low to be displayed, sorry.

Double xp requirement for being op, and that’s with typical exponential growth of xp per mynameusb0aty One man Army is a really good story, every chapter you discover new and intersting things.

From the gaming point of view this eoisode even more frustrating, inside the story there is something call the soul stamp, it is kind a potential in the growth experience, supposely it has no limits in the growth and restriction is proporcional more one posses, the description keeps pouring out, but no explanation is giving, it is really frustrating coming to this point, I already read 7 chapters but I myna,eisb0aty to bring back and forth to keep making my own guesses and correction of the graammar, or misstakes, not counting later on this same element is changed by another more confussing name one soul, double soul etc Such things are there very lightly and do not weigh down the writing or make reading a chore or some sort of vicarious torture of the reader.

It’s your view on the novel and just as valid as my own. As for facing challenges despite the MC’s advantages, the author has done a really job of something I rarely see in any story, MMO or otherwise: Sign in to make your opinion count. In my opinion until now this novel deserves to be rated no more than 2.


Live TV from 60 channels.

Weepy backstory of being an orphan as well as him living on scraps to save for later. A armh writer will give you a story that sounds reasonable, and has some credibility. OverviewIn One Man Army, every player is pitted against every other player, resulting in extremely chaotic and fast-paced gameplay.

Randoms Removed? Dragon Warhammer? New Skill? – Q&A Summary Episode 3

He jumps in and gets some unique stuff and fights his first opponent. Not sure if this is his version of fun?

GigatLP 2 years ago. Thanks for making this – all of the guides were for super antifires.

Still it is too early to say if it will be good or not since they don’t mention his goal. Though, for it’s potential, I will still put this in my reading list so that I can read later and see wether it worths it. This novel is not bad, that being said it’s not good either Three stars despite it probably being two just because I like gaming novels and cheapskate MCs.

This kind of story is my guilty pleasure too. You can find better novels of similar genres out there. Seerz 71, views Elrond Riva 3 years ago.

Outro was created by http: Once the kill limit is reached, the player who has reached the kill limit wins the match.