Heuksando , Sinan County , Jeollanam-do. The threading plot through all “Twin Peaks” is a a man who’s raped his daughter. A Cabin Trip in Autumn Members play games to try to acquire more money for their trip to base camp. I also had nightmares last night, I was standing in that dark green murky forest, where Cooper was holding a Laura Palmer’s hand before she dissappeared. A small test with few quiz about their knowledge has taken place. Leave it to Lynch to send a huge chunk of his fan base straight into existential crisis.

Hambaek , Jeongseon , Gangwon-do. They are deeply unsettling even afterwards when you are able to rationalize that it wasn’t real. New Girl – 05×01 – Big Mama P. Retrieved July 22, HI – Synced and corrected by kinglouisxx — www. What the fuck is up with that? That’s what did it for me.

That being said, I doubt I’ll buy the series now like I planned as I don’t really care to experience that kind of weird gray disturbing futile oblivion feeling more than maybe another viewing.

No, this ending may or may not be final, but it feels that way. Nearby wildfires Pretty scary!

What we’re hearing and seeing from Cooper is supposed to be a victory and a happy moment reuniting a lot of the characters, but all of that is nullified by that deep fear that sank in when I saw Cooper’s face. Frenh there is no reality, only an endless array of dream worlds. Retrieved August 5, This movie as not yet been released, even though it was finished years ago. Time loops on psychedelics, thinking you’ve found the perfect proof that time isn’t looping, only to realize you’d already found that proof previously, but forgotten to note it, so you go to note it, but you’ve forgotten what you wanted to note, is time looping?

Best Spring Dish S03e118 Kang Ho-dong — glue pair of doll eyes for sesame oilLee Soo-geun — find a karaoke place and sing a song and get at least 79 point for soybean pasteEun Jiwon — play Tetris at an arcade and get first place for riceKim Jong-min — eating noodles by a German cheolsun village for dalrae, Lee Seung-gi — eating Bugles -shaped chips in 5 seconds for gochujang Korean condimentUhm Tae-woong — bow times at Boriam hall for radish 6 members vs.


Better still, has anybody ever experienced through viewing a better representation of how hostile and alien your own life can feel sometimes? But that may be the story of Season The cast members play a 3 short games to decide a King.

Most likely a 24 hour bug, but the huge anxiety spike I think was definitely glrl troubled dreams due to the finale ffench so horrifying. The entirety of part 18 I had this deep sense of dread and it felt like there was something sitting on my chest.

Lynch did something so powerful in that last scene. By the morning, they visited Kim Joo-hyuk’s grave and paid their respects. He’s a fucker, not a black sorcerer. Cha Tae-hyun was the first to be sent back tripand he was able to accomplish the mission. Theres a lot of good threads about this stuff right now. HI Removed Sync and Corrected by hawken45 — www.

Lists of reality television series episodes Lists of variety television series episodes Lists of South Korean television series episodes. I looked at the time left in episode and thought “oh no, is Cooper fucked?

There’s a feeling of nothing being ever able to be made right, and a loss of anything that was good in that world. Drama Road Play the bokbulbok games for lunch, dinner and the morning mission, related to the famous Korean dramas: Binggye, UiseongGyeongsangbuk-do.

NamsanGyeongjuGyeongsangbuk-do. The unseen man talking to the women at the door may just have been the boy we’ve seen in Season subtigles, which would explain a lot. I watch a decent amount of horror movies and I still haven’t felt like that since I was a lot younger. Maybe there’s more to it, maybe Cooper is locked in an alternative reality subritles Jeffries: HI – Sync and Corrected by awaqeded — www.

S03r18 – Synced and corrected by kinglouisxx — www. Visit Juknokwon and Jukhyang’s cultural village known for its bamboo forest. The moment when his face becomes overlayed is a huge key to something I’m so glad to see this bew. Other member make a short video for Joo Hyuk visiting their previous visited places Joo Hyuk makes ramen in the morning for staff and members as a farewell treat.


I think that’s what gave me chills the most. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I don’t know neq you’ve seen Na Hong-jin’s “The Wailing,” but it’s just as evil a work of genius as the “Twin Peaks” revival. I wonder if not Lynch had some similar dreams to me as a child? EDIT – Sorry, I want to remark that I study the occult, not practice it, although sometimes when I’m writing, specially poetry, I wouldn’t be so certain of it.

I think The Return might be my favourite Lynch work. Hopelessness as well, like you said.


Wild Flowers in Pungdo, a trip without manager, stylist and personal staff Find wild and rare flowers Herding wild goats. He doesn’t play around. I’ve much studied hermetics as well, not practiced, and I would agree that not all occult practices are black magic aubtitles magickor at least it seems to me from at least one step removed.

I had nightmares last night, a day later. Baekdusan Season 1, 22nd trip Handsome Award: The broadcast of new episodes was affected by the labor union strikes.

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Cheongsan Island, WandoJeollanam-do. Supernatural and multidimensional as it may have seemed, the last scenes felt very ‘real’ to me. Hodo IslandBoryeongChungcheongnam-do. The messages about fear and love were particularly powerful. Old Boys won vs.