Just because she is evil, doesn’t me she’s in it for herself. The moment they all take steps closer and closer to their dreams. The car crash scene was awesome. Lee Kwang Soo Main Cast. Episode 12 by LollyPip. His last note reads: Didn’t they open a new wing just for miracle-brain-surgeries-that-usually-people-die-from?

Junha’s dad killed Eun-gi’s mom reveal and 2. I also liked Ma Ru’s ruffled mop of hair better. Mama J October 12, at 7: Don’t involve other people. We thought we were getting a straight-up revenge plot, but Maru gave up on that thank goodness! I never liked him one bit, even though I understood what he had to face due to Jaehee’s betrayal. Geez, just when I thought I couldn’t hate Min-young and Jae-hee anymore, they literally let Chairman Seo die, and do nothing.

Turns out that Maru is a hired man with an agenda to get Glasses Man to divulge company secrets in exchange for money to cure his problems. Rya October 12, at 7: That should be a banner-title or something.

Finally, Maru better not die from illness – he is just too pretty. Her insecurities from her earlier put-down are showing as she jumps on the maid the second she expresses any trepidation.

HeadsNo2 DOES make a good point, though, that the amnesia wasn’t a cheap attempt to up the level of drama now that the story’s run out of steam, but something that’s been planned since day 1.

In the last ep, Jae hee and Min-Young both learnt that the Chairman had redrafted his will and left everything to Eun-Ki after episodr their affair. She even had to relearn her own name.

Noooooooooooo, I loved his curly hairdo! With her memory gone, however, we now have an interesting reversal that excites me.


Nice Guy: Episode 9 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Because the whole revenge on jae-hee would not have gotten very far. Jushi October 12, at 3: Why is her grip invalid when EG is missing? He probably would have changed for the better. Cant believe they’re playing the cancer card. I don’t want to go too far with my appreciation for Jae-hee’s protectiveness of her son.

Love his dramavrazy look.

From the beginning Kang Maru and Eun Gi’s relationship was not meant to be. Probably Eun Gi will inspire Maru to have an amnesia as well. She is a very shy but a cherfull person who cares for everyone. Ok, i need epusode know how long this drama’s dramacrazzy be, so I can be mentally prepared for prolonged heartache.

Aliiiiiiiice October 11, at Maybe she was in shock after her father’s death?? But, I’ll roll with this one. I had tears in my eyes But when Choco rushes out to hug him, Jae-gil eventually has to push her away because his heart is beating too fast.

Couldn’t he have waited and tell her in person? I can see why Eun-gi would have just lost it though I disagree with the murdering part of her actions Did you know that? Makes him loo hot. It didn’t help that his revenge was misconstrued, and underneath it all he was just holding on to the monster he wanted to take down out of love. Maybe they both decided to swerve at the last second but did it in the same direction and had hit each other. LOL ia I love Heads’ intros. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Now his only humanity is Eungi.


How cool is that!! And for us sticking around, group hugs at the end But I knew about the amnesia and I still wasn’t prepared, lol.

Thanks for the recap.

The Innocent Man

Explaining why will just spoil the next episode so will refrain from doing so. Twisted I must say, but fitting to Eun Gi’s character and what she her self had said before: I was refreshing the page since yesterday. As for Jae-gil, he just shakes his head and sighs. Can’t decide on Maru’s hair She goes to find something she forgot, and the other woman turns around…. Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2! I feel like we’re watching two different dramas. I can sort of understand why she would U dramscrazy and suicidally drove toward Maru like that.

I’m glad Eun-gi’s got female support. Dramacrazt viewership ratings for the week of Feb. The Jae-hee x Chairman scene.

And then MaRu starts barfing all of a sudden and I’m all “This ain’t good for my heart, he’s definitely dying in the end. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! We see Song Joong Ki change from being a heartwarming man to being ignorant end emotionless through this melodrama.