After slaying Hagoromo Gitsune’s minions, the allied forces of the Nura Clan and Keikain House storm the castle where they encounter Kidomaru. Yohime realizes that she is in love with Nurarihyon and decides to stay by his side. Descent Into Darkness Season: At night Jiro spot Sodemogi who tries to curse Kiyotsugu. When the Nura Clan hears about the Shikoku Yokai’s attack on the Chichibo fortress, its members busily prepare to mobilize their small number of troops. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Season 2, Episode 14 October 1,

Only four seals prevent Hagoromo Gitsune from achieving her goal. Hagoromo-Gitsune takes up residency in Nijo castle, having destroyed all eight of the onmyoji seals. Season 2, Episode 24 December 11, Because of this Rikuo and the elders have to put up with more bodyguards. Kana, on the way home, now infatuated with Rikuo’s night form, wants to know more about him. The Nura clan’s Treasure Ship sustains heavy damage by the Kyoto yokai and begins to lose altitude.

The Whole Story [3] ” Transcription: Meanwhile the Sokokuji Temple second seal is under attack from an unexpected enemy, Akifusa. She lags behind the others and is spirited away by a boy and the Nijunanamen Senju Mukade. Married at First Sight 6.

A Star Is Born 7. Retrieved July 10, Season 2, Episode 9 August 27, An Ayakashi to Avoid Season: The defeated Hakuzozu asks for death but Rikuo spares him and asks him to join his side.


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Hagoromo Gitsune breaks the first seal and starts to gather human livers for the birth of Nue. In a meeting with the leaders of the Nura Clan, to everyone’s surprise, Nurarihyon declares that his grandson will be the next heir. Season 2, Episode 16 October 15, The Whole Story Season: Hagoromo-Gitsune takes up residency in Nijo castle, having destroyed all eight of the onmyoji rjse.

A Bond of Trust.

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

Mezuki with gyuki clansmen attempt to attack Natsumi and Saori but got interrupted by Yura. However, she doesn’t answer and insists that he not visit her again. Gozumaru is injured and Mezumaru removes him from the field. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved October 2, Year Rikuo uses his new techniques and destroys the Dakini, Hakuzozu’s weapon. Impressed by their tenacity, Tsuchigumo retreats to Sokokuji Temple, taking Tsurara as a hostage to ensure that Rikuo will come after him. Tsurara is nursing him back to health when his friends visit.

Gyuki decides to commit suicide as atonement for going against the clan, but because he had the clan’s best interest at heart, Rikuo stops him. Rikuo has taken ill following the overuse of his powers. Some time later, Nurarihyon again appears in her room and he takes Yohime to the Nura Clan hideout in order to introduce Yohime to his comrades. Season 2, Episode 12 September 17, The Full Winners List 4.


Equipping a Hundred Demons. Ryuji defeats Akifusa but Hagoromo Gitsune and her night parade appear scene and his overmatched. Kidomaru traps them in Ranjomon Gate, where he is able to defeat Rikuo and Tsurara. Available to Stream Watch on.

At first, Yura doesn’t believe her brother and tries to protect Rikuo but she is defeated. One evening, Nurarihyon appears in Yohime’s room and declares his interest.

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Yohime’s father also controls her movements and keeps her isolated at home, unaware of the outside world. Add to Watchlist Added.

Rikuo becomes one with himself and has to come to the realization that no matter what, he is the Third Heir. Season 2, Episode 1 July 2, Banquet of Darkness Season: Rikuo and his clan land their damaged ship on a river in downtown Kyoto.

A new student, Yura, joins Rikuo’s class. Don’t have risw account? Add to My Shows. Just as she’s about to be killed Rikuo saves her.

In rage, Tamazaki tries to kill Rikuo. Rise of the Yokai Clan: Season 2, Episode 18 October 29,