This article does not follow Wikipedia’s guidelines on the use of different tenses. A new student, Yura, joins Rikuo’s class. Eichi e no Shikaku Kabukibu! Rise of the Yokai Clan chapters. As night falls, Rikuo transforms into his “night” form. Inugami finally shows his true self.

Japanese manga cover of the first volume of Nura: Feeling hopeless, Tsurara tries to commit suicide but Rikuo and others came in a nick of time. Something different for today! Viz Media acquired the licensing rights for a North American release of the manga and anime adaptations. Yohime’s power is abused by her father who demands huge amounts of money from the people who want to be cured. In actual fact, he is grandson of Nurarihyon, master of a youkai clan. This leads to a final showdown between Rikuo and his allies and Tamazaki, who now has acquired ultimate strength. Nurarihyon has also heard about Yohime and becomes interested in her.

Nurarihyon no Mago Opening 2 KingTenth 8 years ago. Top 20 Best Anime of was the year of amazing anime shows and exciting sequels. Edit Opening Theme 1: Add to My List. Nov 12, 7: This theme is pretty amazing too, epiisode not a lot of people have had the chance to hear it.

Rikuo and his Night Parade retake the Seieji, Nishihoganji, and Rokukinji temples fifth, fourth and third seals which are resealed and head straight to Sokokuji Temple second makyoh to rescue Tsurara.

Lord Enma is the King of Hell! Yo-kai watch 3, sukiyaki: Retrieved from ” https: Gyuki’s past is revealed. Nurarihyon no Mago by Hiroshi Shiibashi Song: Inugamigyobu Tamazuki and his 88 Demons of Shikoku come to Rikuo and loudly declare that they will take over the Nura Clan, directly challenging Rikuo.

After the Patrol regroup she reminds Rikuo that “Thos who hunt two rabbits at one, don’t even catch one”. Tamazuki informs Rikuo of his plan to take over and destroy the Nura Clan. There Awashima picks up a spisode and unknown to anyone in the group except Kurotabo is instantly tagged to be spirited away.


Rise of the Yokai Clan Volume 17 manga review”. After an intense argument, Rikuo lets Zen fight their enemies and is surprised when he is able to channel Zen’s Fear along with his own.

Starting on August 11, the first of three chapters will be published with a page chapter, and will continue in October and December. Rikuo mskyou his new techniques and destroys the Dakini, Hakuzozu’s weapon. There he demands that Rikuo write a letter abdicating his position as presumptive heir.

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Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Demon Capital Episode 25 Eng Dub

Nurarihyon has also heard about Yohime and becomes interested in her. Retrieved July 10, The series was first published in Shueisha as a oneshot in After slaying Hagoromo Gitsune’s minions, the allied forces engoish the Nura Clan and Keikain House storm the castle where they encounter Kidomaru. Beelzebub Medaka Box Anedoki. After his father died, his mother left him at a monastery. This episode is a recap of episodes Rikuo tells his grandfather to make him the Third Heir to the Nura Clan and states that he is willing to undergo any training to become stronger.

As a human he was once known as Umewakamaru, a noble child who excelled at everything. Yura, who is experiencing a crisis in confidence about her beliefs, begins to open up to Nurarihyon.

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Surprisingly, Ryuji gets up, surprised that he isn’t wounded. Hagoromo Gitsune’s host is revealed to be Yamabuki Otome, Rihan’s first wife. Kurotabo then volunteers to use Matoi with Rikuo.


Rise of ,ago Yokai Clan Japanese manga cover of the first volume of Nura: In the morning, Kana asks Rikuo if his night n is his friend. Believing that Rikuo can’t move as fast as before, Ryuji attacks him but it was a ruse and Rikuo counters. Retrieved October 2, At the Seieji Temple, the 5th seal is broken. Tsurara bursts into the meeting to inform them that Nura Clan aid is on its way.

Gozumaru is injured and Mezumaru removes him from the field. Before she dies, Yamabuki Otome reveals that as part of their plan to eliminate Rihan, Abe no Seimei and Sanmoto Gorozaemon used Soul Rebirth on her and manipulated her memories. In a meeting with the leaders of the Nura Clan, to everyone’s surprise, Nurarihyon declares that his grandson will be the next heir.

Later Yura came late to the scene after Kappa and Night Rikuo left.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The assassin who killed Hihi attacks while they talk and Yura leaps to Nurarihyon’s defense, thinking he is but a simple old man. The nirarihyon of the rat clan who kidnapped the girls lures Rikuo to his lair. Yo-kai Watch Busters 2: