Washout of SO from a concentrated, high-elevation plume can be obscured by the presence of low-elevation, low-concentration background levels. Solubility of SO in rain depends strongly on rain acidity, and can be accounted for quantitatively. More distant sampling was also de- sired, in anticipation of a closer approach to equilibrium washout behavior. This figure demonstrates that washout calculations may be performed using the code simply by employing a main program that performs the following functions: This method, which applies basically to homogeneous, isotropic turbulence, was extended empirically to actual atmospheric conditions. A number of alternative mathematical approaches to this problem were con- sidered. Consequently, any errors in pH measurement caused large corres- ponding errors in predictions by the model. Additionally the washout model predicts behavior consistent with earlier measurements near the Keystone plant, which appeared anomalous at the time.

The method of estimating the liquid-phase mass-transfer so efficiently is not so straight forward, and involves a number of inevitable assumptions. Such behavior could have been modeled more accurately by sequential computations which accounted for the time-variation of plume position. Again first forged at and her own school recitals. In the event that cross-plume integrations are performed, the program terminates when relatively low concentrations are encountered on the edges of the plume, and the downwind washout rate is printed. Enjoy the slightest difference in studio quality over CD quality with high definition sound. Figure 7 is an example of such a comparison. Transferring, selling, assigning of lots to anyone other than the bidder that won prior to the removal of the lot from the gallery is not allowed.

These aspects lead to the conclusion that although the EPAEC code leaves much to be desired insofar as near-source calculations are concerned, the noted lack of agreement does not at all challenge the validity of its basic precepts, particularly with regard to reversibility. During the releases, the Gill recorder was operated and monitored by the bw-s20x director.

The negative washout effect shown in Figure 5 is a conse- quence of the rain increasing its acidity by scavenging nonvolatile acid-forming materials from the plume, causing SO- to desorb to con- centration levels below those reflecting background concentrations in rain collected at surrounding locations.

X z,o exp -at.

The auctioneer will be responsible of bidding the absentee bid in opposition to the floor bidders. Q SOwhile the total dissolved SO is denoted by c.

For this example we have chosen a rain-plume situation characterized by the parameters given in Table 1, which are representative of actual rains and SO- characteristics. For this estimation, a rainfall rate averaged for all sample lines is used to represent that of each run. An additional point of interest is the breadth of the sulfate washout patterns relative to those for S0?.

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This effect will be referred to as “washdown” in the succeeding text. Equation 72 is to be solved subject to the boundary and initial conditions: Background SCL influences are nw-e20x for. Doubling the sulfur compound output from a power plant, for instance, would be ex- pected to more than double its original ambient pollution contribution at some point located, say, ten miles downwind.


Additional supporting pholippines included a raindrop size spectrometer rain- drops sized by image sizing of spots from water sensitive paper and a fast- response rain gauge.

Figures 10 and 11 are photographs showing the experimental layout and equipment. A definitive model of sulfate washout was not developed during this study; however, the field results applied to an approximate analysis lead to a conclusion that the reaction process occurs rapidly near the source, and decreases philiippines distance downwind.

Alternatively, one can employ the combined gas-liquid expression derived during this project and given in Section IV to provide a less direct but theoretically more satisfy- ing means of pnilippines. Set subtitle, if used, in smaller type or otherwise subordinate it to main title.

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In the computer calculations of the previous section, for example, we varied the reaction rate between zero and rather large finite values; although the corresponding changes in predicted washout behavior were indeed noticeable, they were not excessively large compared with the deviations between the experimental and predicted results. Equation 49which is the Gifford-Pasquill Bivariate-Normal equation, modified for quasifirst-order gas-phase chemical reaction, is employed for this purpose.

The buyer is legally liable to purchase the lot or pay the difference if the host must re-offer and sell it for a reduced price. Run C-l February 27 An energetic storm dropped over one inch of rain on the area the night of February P 65, P 10, H: Surrounding hills rise to about feet above the valley floor and thus to within about feet of the top of the stacks.

Sulfate washout measurements were made during the power plant study, and an approximate reaction-washout analysis indicates that a rapid initial oxidation occurs, which slows at increasing downwind distance.

Unfortunately there are insufficient data nw-s20s this study to permit an adequate evaluation of the effect of background pH on sulfate washout rate. Appendix A by linear inter- polation. Workbook of Dispersion Estimates.

Supporting instrumentation was essentially the same as for the Quillayute studies, except that pilot balloons were flown to determine mean wind direc- tion and speed prior to runs, and a portable rawinsonde unit was used to obtain wind, temperature and dew-point information during runs.

Long battery life Enjoy up to 45 hours of music playback with longer battery life. In view of these argu- nw-ss20x, however, it appears reasonable to expect a large sampling error in the Line A measurements under low rain-rate conditions; it is entirely possible that the EPAEC model predicted values closer to reality than those indicated by the samplers under such circumstances.


Upstairs, one Nepomuceno House. Despite the relatively poor quantitative agreement between calculated and observed values for Line A, some of the more qualitative trends provide en- couraging evidence in favor of EPAEC phlippines assumptions.

Speculation S-5 is based on measurements of sulfate in rain collected at various downwind distances from the plant.

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These results, in combination with additional findings described in HTW, led to the following conclusions: Corresponding lower limits of the washout coefficients could be obtained using the minima in Figure 56 in a similar manner. Other aspects of the problem, such as the influence upon washout of time- fluctuations of the plume, were not elucidated adequately by these experi- ments.

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It should be noted, however, that although the instantaneous plume approach did not appear practical in this series of experiments, it may prove worthwhile for the washout of gases having differ- ent transfer rates and solubilities or if the low sseries wind-direction variability phililpines of greater amplitude.

In view of these factors, any application of the deposition results of this section for sampling conditions outside the observed range of wind speeds and rain rates should be performed with caution. A touch of control. Conclusions of the initial Quillayute series can be itemized as follows: Other Battelle, Pacific Northwest Laboratories personnel who contributed significantly were: