My girlfriend’s got a pair of shoes like this. But then on the flip side, I think it’s making a lot of people happy over here and it’s given a lot of people work, so there’s definitely pros and cons but I know I definitely don’t need as many clothes as I have. Ghana’s used clothes industry Source: Going to need skills to get across here. It turns out most don’t ever reach the rail of the local charity shop; they are exported to Africa. I don’t need 20 pairs of jeans. Yeah, that was about our peak. Isn’t your neck getting tired?

You know, for those in the industry who focus mainly on the local markets it’s been very challenging and most of them have shut down their factories. You know, it’s like the equivalent of Bond Street. Yeah, for big machine. Save a child save a mother. It’s a desire to be Ghanaian. Does it look good on him?

Traditionally it’s only worn on special occasions by state officials and royal families. It’s non-stop, there’s another truck.

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Asiedu selects the best clothes to sell in his designer boutique. Excuse me, sir, could you tell me what you’re doing, please? Wholesalers like this are just the first stage in a journey that can take our clothes thousands of miles. Many of Florence’s customers have travelled miles to buy clothes they can then take back to their villages to sell on.

So the label and the name makes it first class. It’s one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. They work hard and they should be able to afford new clothing. More than half of all the clothes bought in Ghana are cast-offs from Europe and America. Mahama leads NDC into elections. We are trying to get the whole process cheaper for us, so that we can go out there and compete. oroni

There were times that we could not read and write and so we were keeping our history in the clothes that we wear. Sometimes special designs are commissioned by the family obronl the deceased.


The commercial heart of this area is Kumasi, home to West Africa’s biggest market. The United Kingdom, yes. She has combined the Western style with the African print. Judging by the size of them, I think they were worn eawu Jan Molby.

It’s quite an urgent situation, we feel as though we’re right on the brink of not being able to carry on. I don’t know how she does this, I really don’t. And if they’re going to do that, they’re going to go to the second-hand clothing market, because it’s a whole lot cheaper. We’re the younger generation, we like to look more trendy so you see most of the Western clothes, the foreign clothes are more trendy to the younger generation.

A couple of years back, it was cool to be only European. You’ve got this guy here, who’s adding dye to jeans, making old, second-hand jeans look brand-new.

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We’re eating more Western food than our own food. I don’t know price. Not in pink, though. In an ideal world, what would you like to see happen to the textile industry in Ghana?

To impress, if it is to impress. Ghana’s used clothes industry Watch BBC documentary: For reasons of hygiene, selling used underwear is banned in Ghana. She walks up to ten miles from village to village selling clothes. It really is touch-and-go now.

You even sell goggles. Probably out of fashion, I don’t know. And Paul Boateng is a high, high label, and you found that? Locally here in Ghana, the markets mkvie pretty small for garments that are of one design, of one colour, of one fabric.

You see these young women? Techpreneurs call for a policy framework to help accelerate Ghana’s tech space. So I headed into the countryside in search of a more African kind of clothing. This lady has ordered one type of bale, but she feels she’s received the wrong type of bale.


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Steve Dutton is from Manchester and he’s worked in textiles all his life. The final stage of my journey took me back to the capital, Accra.

When I give away my clothes to charity shops in the UK, this is the last place I’d expect them to end up– in a rural village in north-eastern Ghana. The idea is that at the end of each week, office workers ditch their suits for more traditional colourful shirts and “Thank Ghana, it’s Friday”.

Why don’t you buy Ghanaian clothes?

But with cheap Western clothes flooding the market, the local clothing industry has been decimated. With cheaply made western clothes flooding the market, the local textile industry has been decimated. I’m very, very worried that this copying, if it’s not challenged, if it’s not stopped, if it’s not minimised, is going to destroy us.

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This is UK from Birmingham. Most of it, if not all of it, is second hand, you know? It may be slow, but it’s coming – and it will definitely come for sure. Ghana is the name we wish to proclaim we will be jolly, merry and gay the 6th of March, Independence Day Every year 30, wzwu of used clothing from Britain arrives here, in Accra, the capital of Ghana.