Minor detail but it frrrreaked me out at first. There is still room for improvement but I think he’s doing a pretty decent job. He’s the kind of guy you would want to bring home to meet your parents. Getting Min-woo to agree is hard enough, but the Show Company may not even hire her — what if they were just saying empty promises to get rid of her? He was cute and adorable, yes. Thanks for the great recaps, JB! His manager had told him to stay put and that he would cover everything up for him. D March 23, at

Off to find spoilers now ; LOL. Identifying herself as an intern for The Show Company, she starts her pitch about casting Min-woo in a musical. I don’t know if you guys ever watched this, but Super Junior had this reality show a long time ago where they ended up getting two new English-speaking roommates the at-the-time-not-so-well-known Eva and Anya. Thus the guard is relieved to see Kae-hwa and dumps the girl in her arms. I’m totally enjoying this drama, even watching it without subtitles! Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Cabana Boy is a cutie!

Say it isn’t so! It’s a little early to decide whether he’s a truly decent actor, but he’s ,ady pretty well so far both in these two episodes and in Hyang Danand I’ll definitely be watching him. It’s a nice twist that keeps it fresh and interesting If she wants to abandon her, fine. Si Won somehow makes him relateable despite his humongous ego, and even appealing. Honestly, I have no idea how that beginning part was all that relevant.


Dramacrasy I just couldn’t resist not watching it. After getting Show Company CEO Shi-joon to promise to hire her if she succeeds in bringing Min-woo to their musical, Kae-hwa decides to give it a shot. But there was something else too. I enjoyed the first two episodes immensely. She leaves him with her proposal and exits the car… only to have Min-woo toss her papers out his window.

Oh! My Girl – 01 – video dailymotion

Next, Kae-hwa writes up her proposal, discarding a few other approaches before hitting upon her hook: They call out a couple more old buddies and hit a club, where they drink together. How adorable is this boy, right? Dramacray love the fact that he is not only beautiful on the outside but has some great set of values as well being the devout Christian boy that he is.

Dramacray if you don’t like their music which I don’tthey were highly amusing as people.

Oh! My Girl – 01

And then the thought comes to her — as the only one epsiode knows about Ye-eun, she has got a powerful secret that she could hold over his head…. I’m still trying to finish Pasta and I’m bored to tears. The poor unwanted little girl. He was learning Chinese at the time, and would help Hankyung out. Episode 2 continues the light, comic feel of Episode 1.

He asks Tae-gu about Yeon-hee — has he heard from her? She reminds him of a recent interview in which he declared his desire to succeed for his acting rather than his looks.



As I always say, I really like such enjoyable and light dramas so I liked it ,too. Episode 12 by LollyPip. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

First, he heads to his car, but finds that the tenacious gossip reporter is camped out in the parking garage next to his car. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. How can you not like this???!!!! CSW showed promise in episide 18 vs.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Drama Recaps The Dramacrazh Clown: And, he just seemed to be a real sincere person. She tries to talk to the girl, but the child remains frustratingly silent.

Thank you for your recaps. Anyone want to take a bet to how long my resolution lasts? I wasn’t sold on the 1st episode, esp.

He’s the kind of guy you would want to bring home to meet your parents. And, my sister and I noted that there was something about Lacy. Legend of Hyang Dan was pretty good too. I think that Ye-eun will give Nami a run for his money.