And when Rin seemed so used to save San every time she’s in trouble, he unknowingly began to watch over her on his own because he knows her well. Rin who was so loyal and uptight before decided that suddenly Won is not trustworthy anymore after witnessing the times where Won would do everything to protect San and her people. Liking TP new hairstyle. However getting rid of Won will get rid of a king who is not of pure Goryeo blood, it changes nothing of the political situation, but will make those who feel like mixed blood is unpure and a sin feel better. J comes into her place and the dad knocks. Nat, I know that betrayal has to happen between Won and Rin, but I hope the writers will do that without destroying the characters of these two that they have built so far – especially Rin. Won’s blind trust and meek pleading breaks my heart. Notify me of new comments via email.

PakalanaPikake September 7, at 7: Won enters the room and glares as Rin holds out his hand for San, which she accepts. I am not judging You can bet your bottom dollar that Finance Minister Eun has contingency plans — and San knows all about them. I genuinely hope this drama takes a turn for the Throw Mama from the Train. Hell, it’s actually an S-O-S.

TB says to SY: She says hello and that she came to visit cuz omakkyo invited her to come over at the wedding. So while he means well his actions will leave a trail of hurt and betrayal around everyone. Like they seemed like your babies and children. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I said give it to me.


Sure, we got some more back story on the Princess’s terrifying introduction to her fearsome future husband. Probably to one of jackass Minister In’s kids. We all know that karma will catch up to him in the last episode or two I should rephrase my comment about creative misdirection in episodes Dad explains how his wife is like this cuz she still has attachment to the farm.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: TH makes them pay attention. Not only his hands Dad tells TP and TH: GM apologizes to J saying: TP asks if he is going somewhere.

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YS pulls J away and asks if J is ok and not hurt. Mom says YJ is right but she still should have called. N bows and says hello my name is N. If you are brotjers about when my life changed.

As for the Princess’ tragic history, I keep going back to her and Won’s heartfelt conversation about tangled threads and straight reeds. Pensola September 6, at I don’t think Rin exactly trusts Song In more than Won, but there were a lot of feelings involved in a short amount of time. Cha Brohers — worry about tm — tm. We know from history that Won actually ruled for five years.


Ojakkyo Brothers E31

Won continually blocks her path, before pulling her into his arms. KJ is in his car and looks determined. Goryeo is not strong enough to overcome them no matter who is King.

Henry, the master of the surprise ending. She gives him blankets for the floor and says take out another one if he gets cold.

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Since JE is also a tough character, I ought that she understands him and help him in future. While I watched the show live, I was going to post TB and SY being so cute together and then at the end, TH came out looking like that and here we are. He vows to rid ojamkyo those disloyal to Won one by one from Goryeo, and lifts his sword at Song In to strike, until Boo-yong opens the last door to reveal the king behind it.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Those things exist to be broken. He was not reczp the King to be there, since everybody seems to think he was out hunting. It was the deciding moment.

KJ comes brothera and asks if she likes the studio.