Onpu uses her magic to make everyone forget about what they discovered but is punished into a hundred-year sleep because of it. Level 7 Exam” Transcription: Mataau Himade ” Japanese: As Onpu is accepted into a different middle school, Momoko is given the choice to move back to New York or stay in Japan. Bagaimana reaksi Doremi saat mendengarnya? Story Story Writer Forum Community.

The girls are trying to get a recipe book from Majo Roxan, the previous queen’s favorite cook, but the girls must defeat her best student, Majo Para, as the next Patissier Exam. Until We Meet Again” Transcription: Hana breaks her promise with her and pretends to be Onpu to go to her fashion shoots. Back when everyone was together. The other four girls and Hana reach out to her and save her. She befriends model student Sachiko, who secretly wishes her parents weren’t teachers so they could spend more time with her.

Aiko and Onpu argue with each other after Aiko misunderstands the importance of the idol’s feelings. Since her swimsuit from last year no longer fits, Kanae Lida decides to go on a diet and asks Doremi for help. The Road to Becoming an Idol!

We Are Majo Ranger! Ojamajo Doremi season 1. Hana breaks her promise with her and pretends to be Onpu oojamajo go to her fashion shoots. Hazuki secretly wants to apply to her dream school, but becomes conflicted over choosing her desires over staying with Doremi.


Now a familiar face dokan back and she’ll be reunited with friends again in order for them to become witches again. Fujio, Leon, and Tooru, three more young wizards, join Akatsuki together known as the FLAT 4 and Oyajide in their question to retrieve the magic baby, while the girls prepare for the seventh health examination.

Ojamajo Doremi Dokkaan! episode 13

They reunite with Pao as the Queen and Majo Rin look into an old legend. With the passage between the Witch and Wizard Worlds now opened, Oyajide is tasked with capturing Hana.

While the girls finish up the tapestry, brambles spread more and more. Pop is appointed as a witch apprentice after witnessing her sister and friends perform magic.

Hana decides to cure her for her Level 1 exam. There is only one thing that can cure her, the Love Supreme flower in a cursed forest, but if she isn’t cured, Hana will die.

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She befriends this elephant, whom she names Pao. Ojamajo Doremi – Rated: Just dordmi their witch apprentice exams from before, Hana must undergo monthly health examinations, with the first one coming up very shortly. We Are the Majo Rangers! Share this page with your friends and followers:. Owariwareranai Yoru ” Japanese: The girls must make the hardest decision ever: Doremi and the others try to get her back on her feet and back to school.

They manage to stop time and pluck it before it plants itself to spread its seeds. After a wild chase, Doremi finds herself heading to her sister’s steak bait but the two end up falling into the sewer in miniature size. Can Doremi get through to them?


During a festival, Hana meets a white elephant who is left alone by the others. Discuss API on Discord. The witch apprentices, minus Pop, go in search of the stone. Hazuki secretly wants to apply to her dream school, but becomes conflicted over choosing her desires over staying with Doremi. Unmei no Saikai ” Japanese: Tsunaide Te to Te ” Japanese: Onpu, tired from her busy life, is unable to see her father. Use oven, on season, not too sweet and even person who has no appetite want it!!

Kimitaka is moving away. Starting from Age 9, then on to when she time travels. The series focuses on a little girl named Doremi Harukazewho becomes a witch apprentice witchling in the 4Kids dub. Majorika gets purchased by Pop. Tooru tries to become an idol like Onpu, but fails in every way.

During practice, it’s revealed that Kimitaka has a few cooperation and balance problems.