The Queen explicitly told the girls last time that they had to rethink this point so what else were you expecting? Unmei no Saikai ” Japanese: There, the two make up for the past argument but are quickly surrounded by sewer rats. Doremi and Hazuki argue about how to properly take care of Hana, but any attempt of getting the two to make up only makes things worse. Oyajide sneaks into the next health examination to once again capture the infant. In the previous seasons, on some personal issues magic only brought the girls trouble. The girls are at the third exam, which they must make sweet that match Majoprima demand.

At school, Momoko refuses to let the school confiscate her earring. Reika becomes a candidate. Aiko reunites with Anrima, who made a promise to her when she was younger. Majo Rika and the girls go on a trip to find a certain herb that Hana needs to cure her hiccups and come across Majo Rika’s mother, Majo Ririka. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Saigo no Shiken ” Japanese: An ailing Santa Claus enlists the help of Doremi and the girls to deliver presents.

Momoko spends some time with Hana and they get to know each other.

Nazo no Glass ” Japanese: Englisj, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. When the girl follows Pop, she declares her to be a big episodr.

Pop treats Majorika like a plush toy and she takes her to school one day. The girls get a recipe book to look for exotic vegetable sweet recipes for Hana.


Episodes, watch anime, anime online, free anime, english anime, anime sub, naruto, anime movies, anime streaming, one piece, goodanime. While Momoko is annoyed with Reika, her attitude offends Hazuki and Onpu. Doremi meets a ojamaji girl named Fami, who shares similar traits with her. Later on in Ojamajo Doremi 16 the girls have already learnt to utilise magic properly, but for some reason the novels seems to be still stuck with the old ideologies.

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Nobuko has written a new story about Aiko and her friends, and the others take turns inputting their own bit into the story. Ojamajo Doremi 18 2nd: As Onpu is accepted into a different middle school, Momoko is given the choice to move back to New York or stay in Japan.

The girls also must also complete the exam in one hour or else they will fail. Miss Seki wants to go on a diet. BBCode Modified by w7n, Nov 22, 8: A Child Idol’s Day” Transcription: Her hatred of ojsmajo.

Doremi, who has no clue about her future, meets a retired witch named Mirai, who gives her guidance.

This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat Retrieved from ” https: Majo Ran refuses to use magic, and is trying to get to the Queen’s castle. But our children and their children will probably be able to accept witches and rpisode.

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Momoko tells the story of her past in America, and how meeting Majo Monroe helped her make friends. The Chest of the Witch World” Transcription: Hazuki no Michi ” Japanese: Idol He no Michi!


Ojamajo Doremi took a brief hiatus until earlywhen Toei Animation announced news of making Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho. Glass cups sent to the witch apprentices are revealed to be enchanted! NA 4Kids Entertainment They try Magical Stage to return it to normal, but if fails to work. List of Ojamajo Doremi characters. Meanwhile, the other three were busily ojamaho for the magical plant, which had been granting other’s wishes.

Ojamajo Doremi

Doremi accidentally loses her tap at the Summer Festival. Hana meets a girl who is fond dokkkan books, so Hana uses magic to send them both inside the story. So, she tries to get through her audition to meet him before he leaves again.

Battle of Adventurers and Kinnikuman: That leaves us with the final straw, the false identity problem. The girls get a hold of Majoruka’s crystal ball and are challenged to a magical duel for control of the shop.

Each series lasted from 49 to 51 episodes. The Girl Harboring Ambition! Nemureru Mahoutsukai-tachi ” Japanese: