Jennifer lives in Toronto with her family. Her first book, Scandalous Women , was released in March to enthusiastic reviews. When my husband finished Agincourt, he ordered a book on the English Longbow to get a better understanding. I should note here that we have the audiobook versions so that we can ‘read’ as we drive. She loves seasons of all kinds, history, and tea. And there will be a couple more I hope after this one.

What did you mean by Berg is the completion of England? Alfred has two over-riding ambitions. Probably not, but it worked for me. I’ve just finished reading The Flame Bearer and I am wondering approximately how long it will be before the 11th book in the Last Kingdom series is released? I know your time is valuable, so I will cut to the chase. Uhtred is one of my favourite characters, however I have also become a big fan of his Irish companion and friend Finan, and I was wondering whether you would be writing anything from his point of view, why he was exiled in more detail. Would I have written a scene like that?

I found out a few years ago that my grandpa’s bloodline connects him and us to English and German royalty!

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My favorite was the end battle in the Pagan Lord. When can I look for the next step? I started with the Last Kingdom series can’t wait for the next installmentsmoved srreet to the Warlord Chronicles these are my favorite so farand now am working my way through The Grail Quest.

She was the winner of the inaugural Bluepencilagency Award in Vanitha Sankaran is an award-winning author who first investigated story structure in her debut novel, Watermark: Two more in the series are finalists in the Royal Palms Awards. My question is; is there a book following number Her award-winning xtreet includes Places of Grace: Shelve The World According to Bertie.

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I find all your books wonderful and am very pleased to hear that Uhtred’s adventures will continue. He has participated in community and church theatre productions for many years; but for the last seven years his focus has been portraying George Washington.


If you ever need another editor, I volunteer! There appears to be a conflict between two of the books:. I hope as I’ve grown attached to the characters.

It never appeared in print. If only you had made a cameo entrance then!

Alfieri has set her current series in British East Africa, now Kenya, beginning in I just finished The Flamebearer today and absolutely love the Uhtred series. Hi, the last Kingdom book series is my favorite of all time. Your next book, Fools and Mortals sounds really interesting. It was quite a find! That would be a bit limiting. I was sorry to see her story end in Flame Bearer. I realize you have been busy with Uhtred – looking forward to the War of the Wolf.

I was looking forward to October when I expected the 11th book in the Last Kingdom series. I always imagined Uhtred to be less pleasant looking than the actor and when I read this part, I thought to myself “we’re on the same boat with Cornwell on this one”.

I have vision problems so I pretty much listen to audio versions of books these days. Though there are many instances where characters signal that Uhtred is ugly. Uhtred has retaken Bebbanberg, is this now the end of his story??

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For example, Mildrith wept at the first sight of Uhtred. This may seem strange but I have nothing to ask of you. If their heights are mentioned in the book, I apologise. I have tried to find out bit deries from some 5novdls to one being destroyed in the French Revolution can find no reference to any still in existence. I would suggest think about bringing that back in future volumes if the fits the story, as to me that is one of the “glue” items that describes Uhtred’s views on life.


In the show, Alfred and Uhtred sat down and had a heart to heart talk in his chamber. The style is a revelation. She lives in Colorado with her wonderful husband and two usually adorable children. Otherwise the book is likely to be hagiography.

Gates of Edena s novel of war resistance, and A Bowlful of Nailsabout the s counterculture movement. But now that we’re all safely ensconced in Babbenburg, I need to know how long we’ll 5noveld to wait to find out what’s next!

Thank dublni so much BUT it cant end there, there has to be more. Now that he has regained Bebanburgh seeries a younger generation of Englishmen are ready to push towards unification, is he going to pass the torch on to his younger namesake?

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All Uhtred really wanted was to go home, eh? Do you think Arthur was really a part of our history or just a myth turned conspiracy theory? Maybe we should ask Alexander too! Jennifer Robson is the author of five internationally bestselling novels set during and after the two world wars: Dubblin seems there is still a good bit of story-fiction and history-to tell. Everything else is pure fiction!

stree He states in the current book that his Norse nemesis was younger than he’d remembered, less dblin 40 and a man in his prime. The only reason I could think for this was to provide viewers with an easy visual differentiation between Vikings and Saxons during the battle scenes. Carrie Callaghan is a historical fiction author living in Maryland with her family.

Otherwise I will save 10 for a special occasion. Probably more than Uhtred did! The Crown was an Oprah magazine pick.