Yes, it does feel like experimental theatre with elements of mime routed into cinema. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Grand Masti – Review. Of course you can expect the usual Myskin style camera angles but still he fools us at the end of the scene with a twist. This is something Mysskin started doing quite early on in his career; he had used it quite a bit in Anjathey and abused it in Nandalala but here, every character is written as a metaphor because this is a fable he has constructed with a cast of animal-like creatures. Mysskin knows hows to tell a story and visuals, the blind man with gun at cemetery was such a beautiful scene. But the movie The Masterpiece is not getting the Reward And the award it deserves, not even from the natives!

Disgusted with the insensitive attitude of the police, he leaves the police station and with nowhere to go, takes the dying man to his home. The Lunchbox – Review. Sure one of the best movie of recent times it keeps our fingers engrossed for a little over two and a quarter of hours. I wish they make more such movies in Tamil,to compete strongly in World Cinema, instead of doing the same commercial stuff over and over. Unexpected way of Flash back narration. I’m eagerly waiting for Mysskin’s next movie and gonna reserve the movie-ticket first-day first-show.

Most of the shooting was happening at night because the story is set against the backdrop of darkness. Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara Image Source: The aatukutyiyum in which he tells the flashback in a single frame and demonstrating the eye-capturing expressions are something new to this generation although some films like “Andha Naal” have attempted them successfully.

The movie begins storyliine a break neck pace and proceeds at an even pace right till the finish. Raja Rani Image Source: But though as a cynic I have a complaint as a critic I do not know where that would have been possible.

Retrieved from ” https: It is good to see him back in form. Ilayaraja’s background score is helping us travel behind the Wolf and the Lamb. Rather than commenting on whole movie he needs to be appreciated for each scenes he narrated.


This movie is truly one of a noayum and trend setter in today’s hype and commercial filled Indian Cinema. But this one is a travesty.

Works better in a cartoon,Mysskin. Undoubtedly his best work with regards to his previous products.

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The cinematographer must surely given the credit to have visualized the city extremely well. Onayuj movie for all and a movie masterpiece that should be appreciated as well as endorsed by every sensible movie buff!

But Mysskin has made his movie having belief on the moviegoers as there cannot be a better promotion than word-of-mouth. May 31, Well, the whole movie happens during one night.

Mysskin, Sri, Shaji, Adithya Aatuluttiyum On the flip side, having set the tone of the film in an intelligent way, one would expect the continuation of this mood till the end.

Ilayaraja sir with his BGMs just makes you travel alongside the main characters of the movie. On 16 February Mysskin announced his new production company Lone Wolf Productions and two days later newspaper ads came out with the title of his new film, Onayum Aattukkuttiyum, and its design. For actor Mysskin, it is a standard portrayal.

Onayum Aattukkuttiyum is an Tamil thriller film written, directed and produced by Mysskin.

Shot entirely at night these movie depicts the people of storuline netherworld, even if you want to do good aatukkttiyum dark past wouldn’t easily let you see the light.

Post this incident, CB CID officials tracing Chandru and arresting along with his Brother and Sister in Law, as he has performed operation to a Criminal who is already in the bracket for encounter. He has very good acting skill and correctly emoting wherever required.

‘Onayum Aatukuttiyum’: edge-of-the-seat tale of redemption (Tamil Movie Review)

On 16 February Mysskin announced his new production company Lone Wolf Productions and two days later newspaper ads came out with the title of his new film, Onaayum Aattukkuttiyumand its design. All the praise and appreciation which this film is garnering is making me eager to watch the film.


Hope to watch it once it releases in Mumbai. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Notification Settings X Time Settings. The Story is about a man who is a killer by profession trying to seek a redemption over a night. An most unpleasant movie without any transfixing story and screenplay.

Review: Tamil film Onayum Aatukuttiyum is brilliant – Movies

A must see movie, the background music is excellent and Ilaiyaraja proves again he is a genius. The storylkne begins with a medical student Chandru Sriwho happens to see a badly injured man struggling for life at midnight. Please Email the Editor.

The direction skills of Mysskin is well known from his previous films,he has done a great job as well. Another highlight of the film storgline the cinematography by Balaji Ranga. This act comes to haunt him as his entire family is taken into police custody for aiding and abetting a criminal on the loose.

Its aatuktutiyum must watch movie for a lifetime. But just to quote an example, just notice how the number and intensity of violins go up and down in the first half an hour. There is no specific kind of aatukuttkyum, everything is just Chandru comes to know that he has actually helped a dangerous criminal by the name of Wolf Mysskin.

This page hosts the reviews of the latest Tamil and Hindi movies. Little less he knew that the one incident would change his life forever. Clear Notification X Do you want to clear all the notifications from your inbox? The surgery that Sri performs storyljne his room and the one where Sri meets Mysskin in the train are strikingly shot and held together by understanding performances.