Anyway to set the sound and video aligned and good quality? The CC icon would light up and I can touch it to select the supposed closed caption. I want to open an attachment from mail app with OPlayer? And PlayerXtreme seems to be the one. But it plays only one song on which I click , it does not continue plying other songs in the playlist. I have Oplayer Lite on my iPhone 7 and clicked to remove ads, but I did not realise that it downloaded the full Oplayer version instead of an in app upgrade.

After having used the app some more I have found more accessibility problems. Notify me of new posts via email. Thank you in advance for the answer. MCPlayer HD supports wireless streaming of your videos from the internet or your home network. Love that I can multi-task with my videos still actively playing in the backgroud. As I was watching movies with srt subtitle, I have this issue whereby the srt subtitle was at the centre if the screen in portrait mode. I will highly recommend this blog! But the text would not show.

Oplayer does not play. I paid for this thing subtiltes it now does not wrong longer then gd worked. If you tap my documents, you will eventually find a search field, there are 4 unlabeled buttons to the right of this, so the button labeling information needs updating for this app as only most buttons seem clearly labeled.

I have just bought this app, after trying the light version, and I have found both versions have 4 unlabeled buttons on the files tab. Im sure its possible, Im just to dumb to figure it out. Some support with regard to subs would be greatly appreciated.


Best iPad Video Player Apps 2018: Enjoy A Seamless Video Watching Experience

I have experimented with a lot of settings, dual-core decoding on, tried subttitles, skip frame, aspect ratio, etc. I want to open an attachment from mail app with OPlayer? If the iPod library and Apple supported codecs files can be removed without affecting the Videos app where they are also parked how may I do that? I cannot stream anything online.

Sometimes after exiting Oplayer when I come back to my video, if I touch the volume button of my iPhone, it crashes not everytime And the last one that is easy to fix: As soon i lire click the link — within seconds the video would play instant at super quality. I have recently setup a home based web server IIS7.

There was no change in environment. Enjoy Messaging Like Never Before.

Oplayer Subtitle. Thanks to an ant.. –

Open Windows Firewall under Control Panel. Hi, I found the difference. I download it before the latest update, now all of my movies run sound but without image. Can you post your issue to http: Version 1 Format profile: Add FTP active mode support.

Thanks to Oplayer HD for iPad. I bought it cause at the time it was the only programs that streamed.

Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it improve over time. Movies are working great. There is oplauer a button when you open the player that doesn’t have a clear label, called header icon cross.


No, if we add this, will be rejected by apple. Can advice how to overcome it? Hi Thanks for this amaaazing app Its very cool now can read srt persian subtitile.

Do you mean in the File-tab, My Document? But there is no sound when playing the rmvb format. I put the video in it, but the movie has no caption, even though I set the avi video and srt into the same name. Its like right at the very end of the file it will not go that extra step and buffer the rest. In the case of p video, the video speed seems to move 2x as fast compare to normal.

Please help me to solve this problem. Hi, Tanks for oolayer App.

But the video starts with its offset. Connection via Bluetooth or same wifi, like remote from Apple itself.

Play subtitle in video

I just bought and installed the Airplayer on a Iphone 3G Program starts only with the Startsscreen and disappears after 3 sec. Hi Alex, Thanks for the updates.

The app is supported for iOS 6.